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the last chance for registration.  Only limited
seated left
      International Workshop 2/2005:
      Housing the Poor through the Private Sector
      February 21-24, 2005, Narai Hotel, Bangkok,
      Thai Appraisal Foundation and Thai Real Estate
Business School  are organizing a workshop on
Housing the Poor through the Private Sector.
Interested people can register at either website
above. Space is limited to 40 participants. The
program is given below.
            Day 1: Monday, February 21, 2005
            08:30 Opening Speech: Housing
Development through Private Sector Initiatives
            Mr. Pratak Simapichaicheth, Chairman,
Thai Real Estate Business School
            09:00 Morning Refreshments
            09:30 Housing Development in Developing
Countries: Overview and Solutions
            Dr. Kioe-Sheng Yap, Chief, Human
Settlement Section, UN-ESCAP and former professor
and chairman at the program of human settlements
            12:00 Lunch
            13:00 Public and Private Partnership in
Housing Development: Cases in Asia
            Dr. Ranjith Perera, Assistant Professor
in Urban Management, Asian Institute of Technology
            15:00 Afternoon Refreshments
            15:30 Case Study: Successful Private
Sector Initiatives in Bangkok
            Dr. Sopon Pornchokchai, President, Thai
Appraisal Foundation
            17:30 End of Presentations
            19:00 Welcome Dinner
            Day 2: Tuesday, February 22, 2005
            08:30 Tools for Success: Housing Finance
Systems Required for Private Sector Initiatives
            Mr. Kitti Patpongpibul, Former Deputy
Governor, Bank of Thailand and current president,
Housing Finance Association  
            10:00 Morning Refreshments
            10:30 Tools for Success: Land
Readjustment Schemes for Efficient Land Use
            (JICA Expert)  
            12:00 Lunch
            13:00 Tools for Success: How to Run a
Housing Bank for All People
            Mr. Ballobh Kritayanawaj, Senior Vice
President, Government Housing Bank
            14:00 Tools for Success: Efficient City
Planning and Zoning
            (Officers from the Department of Town
and Country Planning)  
            15:00 Afternoon Refreshments
            15:30 Tools for Success: Innovative Land
Subdivision and Building Permits
            Prof. Manop Bongsadad, Faculty of
Architecture, Chulalongkorn University
            16:30 Tools for Success: Construction
Technology for Mass Housing
            Mr. Tawat Meeprasertsakul, Managing
Director, Dai-Ichi House Co. Ltd.
            17:30 End of Day 2
            Day 3: Wednesday, February 23, 2005
            08:30 Site Visits
            Dr. Sopon Pornchokchai, President, Thai
Appraisal Foundation
            Mr. Wason Khongchantr, Deputy Managing
Director, Agency for Real Estate Affairs  
              1. See the site of a former slum that
contained 1,500 homes in the late 1950�s. Compare
with the existing uses and decide yourself whether
you would still want to keep that slum.
              2. See the failure of 1960�s walk-up
apartments in Bangkok.
              3. See the failure of 1970�s
site-and-service schemes introduced by international
development and financial organizations to
developing countries.
            12:00 Lunch
            13:00 Site Visits (continued)
              4. See the failure of 1980�s slum
improvement programs at a slum where a "sense of
belonging" does not exist despite the fact that
residents are landowners.  
              5. See a successful low-priced
condominium project as well as low-priced townhouse
projects developed by the private sector.
              6. Participate in a windshield survey
along the northern development corridor of Bangkok
            17:30 End of Day 3
            Day 4: Thursday, February 24, 2005
            08:30 Group Discussion among Country
Delegates: Housing Problems and Solutions  
            09:30 Morning Refreshments
            10:00 Panel Discussion: How to Develop
Successful Housing Projects for the Poor
            Dr. Karl E. Weber, Fellow, Asian
Disaster Preparedness Center
            Mr. Tongma Vijitpongpun, Managing
Director, Preuksa Real Estate Co., Ltd.
            12:00 Lunch
            13:00 Panel Discussion: Additional
Provisions for Sustainable Housing Markets
            Mr. Prayoon Damrongchitanond, President,
Property Management Association
            Mr. Apichat Achadej, Board Member, Real
Estate Brokers Association
            15:00 Afternoon Refreshments
            15:30 Summary: Developing Housing for
the Poor through the Private Sector
            Dr. Sopon Pornchokchai, President, Thai
Appraisal Foundation
            17:30 End of Presentations  
            19:00 Farewell Dinner
            22.00 End of Program  
      Optional Study Visit
      February 19-20, 2005. Take a visit to Pattaya,
world famous beach city, to learn more about real
estate in Thailand. See successful beach front
housing projects, resorts and hotels, recreational
developments, and other niche properties that make
Pattaya a thriving seafront town popular with
tourists and locals alike.
      Early-bird registration fee is US$600 (before
Friday, December 17, 2004). Normal fee is US$680.
Please fill in the registration form and see payment
details at our website:
http://www.thaiappraisal.org. This price includes
the cost of lectures, materials, and transportation
during the study visit. It does not include the cost
for accommodation and travel arrangements.

      To join the optional International Study
Visit, an additional US$250 would be required. This
includes transportation and one-night's hotel
accommodation in Pattaya.  
      The rate for a single room at the Narai Hotel
is 2000 baht per night. This is a net rate,
inclusive of breakfast, value-added tax, and service
charges. Please contact Ms. Pattama Chantranukul if
you require assistance making reservations.
      To register, use our registration form.
      Ms. Pattama Chantranukul
      Program Coordinator
      International Workshop 2/2005: Housing the
Poor through the Private Sector
      129/15 Nonsee Rd., Bangkok 10120 Thailand
      Telephone: 66-2295-3171  
      Facsimile: 66-2295-1154
      E-mail: [email protected]  


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