© Ravindra Bhan and Associates

ISKCON TEMPLE is situated over a hill with the main temple block occupying the highest portion of the site. The three-acre site is surrounded by the buildings leaving the open area mainly in the center. The open area is arranged in terraces to meet the buildings at various levels and create spatial relationship with its architecture.

View of the ISCKON Temple Compex at New Delhi
View of the ISCKON Temple Compex at New Delhi © Ravindra Bhan and Associates
Sections A-A and B-B
Sections A-A and B-B: 1. Main Entrance, 2. Entrance Plaza, 4. Restaurant Block, 5. Lotus Pond, 8. Turfed Area, 16. Service Road, 19. Institutional Block - A, 22. Sunken Garden, 23. Amphitheatre © Ravindra Bhan and Associates

The landscape conceived is predominantly hard because of the nature of the open spaces and their usage.

A long promenade is created over the restaurant and along the institutional blocks for approaching the main temple block. A series of decks separates the lower most garden area, which is 3.4 meters below from the last deck.