"Volume Zero" The Work of Charles Correa / Director: Arun Khopkar / English (subtitled), 58 min, 2008, India

'Volume Zero' is an hour-long video on the work and ideas of Charles Correa, one of world's most important architects. It deals with his childhood, architectural training, formative years, and the paradigms underlying his large and complex architectural oeuvre spanning over five decades, as well as his pivotal role in addressing issues of urbanization in the Developing World. It uses first person narration by the filmmaker, combined with extended excerpts of interview with Correa, live action, stills, diagrams, animation and archival footage to open up the thought process that generate architectural space and form.

Producer: Arun Khopkar

Creative Crew:

  • Camera: Ashu Solanki, Manoj Peter, Naiyer Ghufran, Rajendra Jangley, Sankalp Meshram, Sudhakar Yakkanti, Sudhir Palsane
  • Editing:Sankalp Meshram
  • Sound: Anita Kushwaha, Vinod Subramaniam

Awards and Screenings: Premiere at the Tata Theatre, National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai, Maharastra, India, September 5, 2008