Organised by Architecture Education Declares. Hosted by AAction.

The Climate Summit aims to create a forum of discussion around the topics of climatic and ecological breakdown, that brings together students, key academics and experts from within and beyond the architectural field.

This is the first summit following up on the open letter that was sent out by Architecture Education Declares, an ongoing student led pedagogical experiment that aims to transform how we teach, learn and practice in the face of climate catastrophe.

The intention of the summit is to chart a way forward, attempting to create a pedagogical and cultural shift in our institutional life, by embedding an ecological understanding into every aspect of architectural thought, whilst producing an institutional climate that will provoke diverse and multiple responses to the existential challenges we face.


3:00 PM  The Summit begins
3:15 PM  Introduction Statement
3:30 PM. Territorial Agency on Arraying Territories

4:30 PM  Session 1 starts
 - Lecture Hall: Embedded ecological understanding
 - AA Gallery: Intersectionality

5:30-6.00 PM. Break

6:00 PM. Session 2 starts
 - Lecture Hall: Articulation of a new politics / Alliances
 - AA Gallery: Decolonisation.Canonical revision / Aesthetic reevaluation

7:00 Wrap up and drinks reception 
7:30 Invitation to future trajectories by Rupert Read

8:00 End

All lectures are open to members of the public, staff and students unless otherwise stated.