Invitation to students possessing design-oriented utopias.

The Bauhaus Dessau announces an international Open Call for students of all design disciplines with creative utopias for the festival Architecture RADICAL (June 2019). On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus, 100 students will be invited to Dessau for 3 days to deal with the central question of design: To what extent is architectural radicalism still contemporary at all? Renowned architects lead the workshops and develop so-called signature architectures for the festival scenario as well as for the surrounding urban landscape.

“Architecture which encompasses our entire lives.” 
(Walter Gropius)

How can architecture be newly developed from its very foundations? This is the question the members of the Bauhaus asked themselves exactly a century ago and this issue has remained a repeated subject for discussion up to the present day. On the occasion of the centenary of the Bauhaus Dessau in 2019, this institution will be examining to what extent architectural radicalism remains topical in our time at the Architecture Festival RADICAL. What fundamentals would be necessary in our day and age to redesign architectures, permitting them to unleash a global impact equal to the effect of the Bauhaus constructions in their time?

The historical Bauhaus was active within the fields of radical utopia, social visions and social reality. The Bauhaus buildings embody more than just architecture. They were designed as a complete work. And what about today? Certain radical aspects, which were then conceived and realised are today considered to be standard. Other things have remained modern even after 100 years. This is where the festival Architecture RADICAL comes in (31 May - 2 June 2019).

The festival's headquarters is the Employment Office designed by Walter Gropius, which for three days will become the office for radically contemporary design. Another venue is the open stage of the Bauhaus Museum Dessau, which will not open as a museum until September 2019. The Open Call will select 100 students to be accompanied by ten renowned architects in an atmosphere that creates space for visions and utopias to think, design, live and celebrate together in workshops with lectures and open space conferences. 

International students from all design disciplines under the age of 30 can apply with a statement in text and image.