Art Jameel is hosting an international design com­petition for the design of a cinema space within the Hayy: Creative Hub in Jeddah, Saudi Ara­bia. The complex, which is currently under con­struction and due for completion in 2020, will be the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia. The cinema, an independent picture house, will showcase local and international films, positioning itself as the first independent cinema in Saudi Arabia.

As a bespoke independent picture house in Saudi Arabia, the space is positioned to be unique in programme and design, and to invigorate a thriving cultural scene in Jeddah. It will stand out within a truly remarkable complex of social and ar­tistic exchange. The timing of its launch boasts significant and symbolic importance as part of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, in promoting cultural initiatives. Critically the es­tablishment of the cinema reflects the values of Art Ja­meel in supporting artists and the creative communities it serves.

Scope and Objectives

The scope is to curate the experience of going to the cinema, exploring innovative ideas and ad­aptations that determine our impressions. Design proposals will work to a prescribed space within the Hayy: Creative Hub, and are challenged to assume the role of architects and interior designers in de­livering turnkey design proposals for a complete­ly fitted cinema space. Concepts presented are immersive renditions of spatial layouts, materiality and technical compliance. Designers are encour­aged to explore benchmarks for energy efficiency, and for sustainable and ethical procurement.

The aim of the competition is to award the winning design team, with a contract for the detailed archi­tectural and interior design turnkey development of the developed scheme. The design team will then supervise the construction of the developed scheme by coordinating with the wider project team.