With the internet now democratizing debate and creating ever-expanding communities, our public spaces run the risk of being obsolete. We must address the key issue of how public spaces can be made more engaging, and find a more meaningful status both in urban growth as well as people’s lives. The panel discussion will focus on finding solutions to weave collaborative design practices in the city’s fabric, to eliminate the challenge of accessibility of public spaces – often designed for the privileged alone – and to design public spaces that are more democratic, more engaging, more inclusive – more ‘ours’.


  • Amal Allana, Theatre Director | Chairperson of the National School of Drama 
  • Verendra Wakhloo, Architect | Matra Architects & Rurban Planners 
  • Snehanshu Mukherjee, Architect | Co-founder of TEAM 
  • Partho Datta, Historian | Author of Planning The City: Urbanization and Reform in Calcutta

Join us on the 18th April 2019 at Gulmohar, Habitat World, India Habitat Centre for the panel discussion where we talk 'Urbanity resides in Public Spaces: The key to transforming our public spaces is the energy of citizens. Understanding the dynamics of collaborative design practices can uncover hidden synergies.'