Kavre school is rebuilt using rammed earth walls to make classrooms stronger and more climate-friendly


The earthquake provided Nepali architects a chance to look at lighter and stronger structures that also addressed seasonal variation in temperature, natural lighting and airiness. 

One of these is the Dwarpaleswor Secondary School in Mandan Deupur of Kavre which was destroyed in the earthquake of 2015. Architect Arun Rimal of Office of Structural Design based in New York says he took into account the terrain and location on a ridge with a stunning view of the Panchkhal Valley below and the Himalayan panorama beyond. 

“We incorporated canopy spaces into the design on all four sides of the building allowing students to interact with outdoor space in between the classes,” says Rimal, who has also employed the same rammed earth technique in the school that he used in the award-winning Bayalpata Hospital in Achham.