AZplan wrote:
 > also indulges MPs like Kuldeep Nayar (I did not know he
 > was MP) joining inane pastimes outside Parliament instead of
 > representing us inside.

So we propose a new category, next to the 'humane, eco-friendly, NGO'
people, Ga-Ga Khan people, assorted superstars. the Inside Outside
people (btw., what news of the Inside Outside show in Delhi? have they
stalled or sold stalls?)

and the hereinunder, we hereby submit as the new folk-dance or
dance-in-the-name-of-folks of the Inside Outside people, NGO and cop,
courting one-another outside of the courts while a mute former
prime-minister and a minister-past-his-prime look on...

"ARUING THEIR CASE: The former Prime Minister V.P. Singh, social
activists Medha Patkar and Swami Agnivesh, along with members of various
organisations at the Parliament Street Police station after courting
arrest in New Delhi on Friday. -- PHOTO. PTI"