Industries, denied DMP industrial space, are largely in non-industrial space. Supreme Court judgment of 07.05.2004 upholds DMP provisions and processes to direct their closure in 4 to 18 months. NCMP commitments for manufacturing, predicated upon survival of units, call for viewing closure deadlines as ones for enforcing DMP or better solutions.

... in name of a Supreme Court order that unequivocally upheld DMP provisions and processes, Delhi Government – with its own Secretariat (besides nearly all its projects) “non-conforming” in terms of DMP, with neither capacity to identify nor powers to act against DMP violations – began closure of over one lakh “non-conforming” units, continuing with support of anarchist consensus against DMP…

The industries’ imbroglio, as chronicled in 2000 under a different regime: from starter-tale1 to broad-stroke “The Great Terrain Robbery” leitmotif, illustrated by the case of industries in Delhi, in Slumming India, Penguin India, 2002.

On 07.05.2004 Supreme Court upheld DMP to direct time-bound closure of “non-conforming” units, while not precluding the DMP solution thus far denied to them. NCMP commitments had called for viewing the court’s schedule as one for enforcing the statutory solution.

On 07.09.2004 Delhi Government – with its own Secretariat (besides nearly all its projects) “non-conforming” in terms of DMP, with neither capacity to identify nor powers to act against DMP violations – began closure of over one lakh “non-conforming” units, continuing with support of anarchist consensus against DMP…

NCMP-DMP convergence opportunities and imperatives... missed and subverted

  • 07.05.2004: Supreme Court judgment for industries in Delhi2
  • 06.06.2004: NCMP-DMP Note-23 on DMP-NCMP opportunities and imperatives for compliance of Supreme Court judgment for industries, with summary of prior notes, etc
  • 06.06.2004: Letter to DDA Commissioner (Planning) for addition of NCMP-DMP note to response to s.11A Public Notice4 for DMP modification for metro property development
  • 06.06.2004: Letter to Delhi minister about his announcement of DMP option rather than industry-like closure for dairies, for similar approach to industries (in context of banishing bovines5)
  • 24.06.2004: Letter to DDA and others to suggest they seek special budget provision for compliance through DMP solution rather than closure of industries
  • 10.07.2004: Response to Public Notice about Household Industries, with s.11A suggestion that government demonstrate in public debate that its compliance plan is better than DMP solution, as outlined in NCMP-DMP note6
  • 18.07.2004: (In s.41(3) application for investigation, in view of Supreme Court order of 14.07.04 for Idgah Abattoir) request for disposal of industry-related responses to Idgah Public Notice of 20037 and meeting with DMP2021 industries’ expert group
  • 25.07.2004: Note on impossibility of lawful compliance without DMP solution, sent to NAC Chairperson8 (in view of NAC decision to prepare policy papers in priority areas including manufacturing and employment)
  • 02.08.2004: Letter from GNCT Industries Minister’s office, about "representation" having been forwarded to DDA Vice Chairman
  • 02.08.2004: Assembly statement promising regularisation and GNCT Public Notice for closure: Letter to Secretary MoUD, with note sent to NAC, to seek clarification about non-existent concept of "non-conforming area", impossibility of DMP modification by court deadline, illegality of Bawana, etc
  • 04.08.2004: Letter to Secretary to Industries Minister, with copy to others, to seek clarification of government's compliance plan, mentioning also stern view court had taken of most cows dying in course of lawless compliance of orders for stray cattle
  • 12.08.2004: Note on imminent unlawful industrial closure9, following high-level meeting chaired by LG/DDA Chairman (also to Secretary MoUD, PMO and Left parties)
  • 20.08.2004: Discussion at office of Commissioner of Industries on his invitation, after NAC forwarded note of 25.07.04 to GNCT
  • 22.08.2004: FII (Federation of Industries of India) colloquium on "Lawful compliance", with Left leader Abani Ray in the chair.
  • 24.08.2004: Decision to approach High Court for enforcement of DMP solution for itself by an association affiliated with the Delhi Federation
  • 27.08.2004: Letter about defects in public notice for start of closure10 to DDA Commissioner (Planning) with request that he communicate to GNCT his views on the same
  • 30.08.2004: NCMP commitments for industry reiterated by PM in address to SSI convention: Press release11 | Text of address12
  • 31.08.2004: GNCT decision to approach court with a “scientific survey”13, after meeting between CM and UDM, following CPI meeting with UDM (Industries’ decision to approach High Court reversed; pro-DMP view labelled anti-industry by CPI leader)
  • 02.09.2004: Regularization-eviction doublespeak1415, news reports
  • 03.09.2004: Industries imbroglio and DMP survival16, comment on government's doublespeak
  • 07.09.2004Closure and protest announcements171819, comment on news reports
  • 09.09.2004: With news reports speculating about 2000-like developments Letter to PM for protection of right to participate through s.11A Public Notice20, etc
  • 10.09.2004: GNCT bhagidari-facelift plans for approved industrial areas21 (in which action is pending against commercial misuse in compliance of Supreme Court direction of October 2002 in the same matter)
  • 11.09.2004: "Solution-seeking" - Illusion and reality22, comment on news reports
  • 12.09.2004: A Cabinet to fret about23: comment on decision of emergency cabinet meeting on 11.09.04
  • 13.09.2004: "Objection" to GNCT “regularisation” idea for a review petition24 on grounds of it being proven non-viable 5-year old idea rejected by court and infringing DMP processes, etc, in letter to Commissioner (Planning), with copies to PM, Left parties, Secretary MoUD
  • 14.09.2004: News report of meeting of former PM VP Singh and Left leaders with PM25, quoting Left leaders in support of GNCTD decision (though former PM had, after support for DMP solution was sought at his meeting with owners the previous day, taken along a note from them)
  • 14.09.2004: Discussion at SPA26 about GNCT’s proposed review petition, etc
  • 15.09.2004:Note comparing DMP2001 options and DMP2021 ideas, with request to draw attention to DMP solution27 and also to settle the question of illegality of GNCT Secretariat28, etc, sent to Commissioner (Planning), with copy to PM, Secy MoUD, Secy MoEF, former PM VP Singh, Left parties
  • 16.09.2004: News reports about decision, at meeting with PM of CM and UDM, to work together for industries, decongestion, Games, etc 29303132(feedback from industries about general view that pro-DMP position was getting in the way of a political solution)
  • 17.09.2004: News reports about NCR ideas for industries333435, “blamed” on experts in a report quoting unnamed planners positing patently unplannerly arguments, and centre-state differences about who should approach court about consensus on regularisation.
  • 18.09.2004: s.11A Public Notice to invite objections and suggestions on Central Government proposal to modify DMP to “regularize” metro IT park on riverbed
  • 22.09.04: High Court notice in PIL covering GNCT projects started in violation of DMP and environment law in ridge area, referred to in letter of 15.09.04 questioning GNCT’s moral, besides constitutional, right to take action against non-conforming units
  • 26.09.2004: Letters about anomalies in GNCT action against industries36 to offices of PM, NAC, Parliamentary Committee and President, with reference to court order of 22.09.04 and prior communications about those projects / industries
  • 27.09.2004: Meeting with CPI-M of industry owners inclined towards DMP solution
  • 27.09.2004: Letter to PMO about bhagidari and politics in industrial closure37, following SDMs seeking support against industries from RWAs, politicians instigating industry owners to protest against SDMs, government ignoring views placed via s.11A / before PGC.
  • 28.09.2004: Meeting with former PM VP Singh, along with industry representatives inclined to DMP solution, to urge him to press for central initiative for lawful solution and to prevent pointless protest against SDMs, etc (meeting fixed next day with BJP leaders for same did not materialise; former PM raised issue of non-conformity of Delhi Secretariat at public meeting)
  • 02.10.2004: News report of industry owners’ death quoted Minister “making it clear” GNCTD will not approach court as they “do not have a convincing argument”38
  • 02.10.2004: Request to PMO for appointment39, with reference to GNCTD volte-face and previous communications about industries, informal sector, etc
  • 03.10.2004: Letter to Left about non-representation of protest against wilfulness40
  • 04.10.2004: PM’s “Rozgar barhao” slogan41
  • 05.10.2004: Former PM VP Singh and Left leaders court arrest against industrial closure > Account, People's Democracy42
  • 06.10.2004: News report about more ideas from GNCTD43, including approaching the court, some 800 plots, etc
  • 06.10.2004: Request to DDA Commissioner (Planning) to seek s.41 direction against GNCT interference till he has drawn up an action plan44 for compliance through DMP solution (with copy to PMO, Parliamentary Committee secretariat, Secretary MoUD, former PM and Left leaders)
  • 07.10.2004: “No closures: Left: The CPM politburo on Wednesday asked the Central and Delhi governments to amend Delhi’s master plan so that places with industries employing lakhs can be regularised. It said the government’s campaign to seal industries had already made one lakh people jobless. PTI, New Delhi” (HT, p4) (Politburo Statement, People's Democracy) 45, alongside reports of more 1999 ideas from Delhi Government46
  • 12.10.2004: At a big rally (ToI news report47; Express Newsline picture48), and in UPA-Left meeting, national Left leaders demand ordinance in ten days to amend DMP (Friends in industry advised / asked for no interference with anti-DMP consensus) > Demands, in People's Democracy49
  • 14.10.2004: Following Left show-of-strength, CM cried foul (Give me a solution, not ultimatum: CM50), Delhi Govt., party divided over closure of units51 and one report observed Left plays the Right role52
  • 15.10.2004: Governor of Rajasthan (NCR state), former BJP CM endorsed Left-Congress anti-DMP line53, while Left countered CM’s allegation by reiterating ultimatum54 and releasing more copies of their note on solution by ordinance55
  • 15.10.2004: Objection to Public Notice to “regularize” IT Park with s.11A suggestion, on grounds also of industrial closure, for demolition of metro IT Park56, etc, explicated in letter to Commissioner (Planning)57, etc
  • 16.10.2004: Objection to MCD’s NGO-inspired policy to “regularize” hawkers58, with matter of their DMP space sub-judice and awaiting GNCT action on letters forwarded by CVC
  • 17.10.2004: Letters to Delhi Police and NCR Planning Board, in view of their role apropos order for industries, with reference to hawker “regularization” (consistent with national policy to making of which they were party), IT Park “regularization” (with metro Police station on same site and NCRPB having circulated draft zonal plan) and High Court notice on government’s ridge projects (one of which NCRPB had cleared, on all of which Police had not acted on complaints, etc), also to DDA, MoUD, CVC, PMO
  • 18.10.2004: Amidst anti-DMP consensus (and sudden progress on NGO/political demands for “regularisation” of inequities and inefficiencies on all fronts), the same anti-DMP “experts” endorsing since 1999-2000 anti-DMP “regularisation” ideas for industries, slums, hawkers, etc, now endorsed NCR ideas59, visions for Games60, etc, predicated upon land-loot from abandonment of DMP
  • 19.10.2004: With Left deadline of 10 days from rally of 12.10.04 approaching, Govt gets cracking on industries61
  • 22.10.2004: Industry owners that had approached the Left for support for DMP solution (having already met PM on 19.10.0462 in face of no respite from even closures) met former PM AB Vajpayee63 whom Delhi BJP President requested to “prevail upon the Prime Minister to issue an Ordinance for amending the Master Plan of Delhi to put an end to this new reign of terror being unleashed by the officials of the Delhi Government under the garb of the Supreme Court orders”64
  • 23.10.2004: On heels of criticism about Congress MPs turning a blind eye to Delhi issues65, from New Delhi, which has hardly any “non-conforming” units, Congress MP wrote to PM and Sonia Gandhi, citing World Bank DUEIIP proposal and NDA's Hota Committee report, "Master Plan for Delhi should be amended to declare these areas as conforming. …this promise …is part of the Congress manifesto… party has won six out of seven seats…"66
  • 23.10.2004: Left deadline over... Left says agitation to gain steam soon... reasonable grounds of hope of the agitation succeeding from below where there is widespread anger..."67
  • 24.10.2004: Letters to “official” NCMP minders– PMO68, UPA-Left CC69, NAC70 – for their view on this chronicle ...NCMP-DMP MINDER (MANUFACTURING) SUSPENDED


  • Move to allow commercial misuse of industrial space (2002)71
  • Moves to regularize industrial units in residential areas (2003)72
  • Move to allow all types of units in special industrial areas (2003)73
  • Disregard of DMP industrial development (eg, Bawana) and redevelopment (eg, Samaipur Badli) provisions74 (includes excerpt from Slumming India, that also connects industries and bovines, using the case of the former to detail and a starter tale75 about the latter to broad-stroke The Great Terrain Robbery)
  • NCMP-DMP minder (manufacturing): old index page 76
  • Continuing MPISG engagements 77
  • 1. Sickly Cow was feeding at the Municipal Garbage Dump (MGD), its posterior blocking the road. The Lord of Contemporary Urban Development (CUD) happened to pass by. Surprised, The Lord asked “Why are you not in your Meadow?” Surprised, Sickly Cow asked, “My Meadow?” and looked in the direction of Fence. Following its gaze, The Lord said, “Ah! Fence minds your Meadow. It has settled milch cows and quality excreta is used to grow grass and milk sales bring revenue. It has also let in some imported pigs to help it mind your Meadow.” Just then a car screeched to a screaming halt and, what with all the nervousness on account of The Lord and The Car, Sickly Cow eased itself on the road. Exasperated, The Lord asked, “Why are you not in the Meadow? Why are you obstructing traffic and messing up the place?” Confused, Sickly Cow stammered, “My Lord, but Fence…” The Lord cut it short and said, “Don’t whine about Fence. If you don’t like Fence, change Fence. But leave the MGD and be in the Meadow or… die”. So saying, The Lord left. Sickly Cow went to Fence and said, “My Lord has said I must be in the Meadow”. Fence rolled its eyes heavenwards and said, “My Lord wants the Moon! The Meadow is full. Chaps here want larger lots and lots for calves and piglets. Even the expansion scheme is full.” Sickly Cow was persistent. “My Lord said otherwise I will die.” Fence was dismissive. “Pah! You are managing fine at the MGD.” Sickly Cow was insistent, “My Lord said you, Fence, are for me and I can change you”. Fence sized up Sickly Cow and said, “Do you have a leader or celebrity to speak for you? Send her over and I will see what I have to do?” Sickly Cow came away and told all other Sickly Cows what The Lord had said and what Fence had said. Next morning they arrived in hundreds. Fence was alarmed at their numbers. Friends of Fence said not to worry. “They are just a mob without a leader”. On cue Old Fence, hanging around the Meadow ever since the last fence changing, looked up, drooled over the sea of sickly cows, amiably ambled to the head of the mob and announced, “This Fence here has eaten up all your grass and driven you to the MGD.” Fence saw thousands of pairs of accusing cow eyes turn upon it and stammered, “No, dear cows, it was Old Fence that ate up your grass. If it weren’t for the pigs I myself would starve…” Fence and Old Fence began trading charges. Sickly cows became righteously riotous. Milch cows and imported pigs looked on from the Meadow. Sickly others looked on from farther outside. The Lord of CUD looked on from above. As the pandemonium grew, The Lord switched on His computer, input the scenario and pressed Enter. The screen flashed the default “Old Fashioned Urban Development Option”. Evict imported pigs. Downsize lots of milch cows. Get the right numbers. Equitably divide the Meadow amongst all cows. Introduce measures to stop fences from eating grass. The Lord shook his head and clicked Next. The screen flashed “CUD Option”. Leave the Meadow to milch cows and pigs (they keep it green whereas sickly cows will mess it up). Let as many Sickly Cows as needed to cool tempers be in the MGD and pack the others off to some wilderness. Use space that becomes surplus after throwing out Sickly Cows to expand the meadow for milch cows and pigs (who will keep it green). Change the laws that say MGDs are only for garbage, meadows are for all cows and fences are not to eat grass. The Lord issued necessary directions for the CUD option to be executed. Some Sickly Cows were packed off to wilderness, where they starved to death. Milch cows and imported pigs got more Meadow and were happy. Fence grew plump and was happy. Old Fence made plans for next fence changing and was happy. Sickly cows ate at the same MGD and were, well, not happy, but glad to be left alone and alive. The Lord saw everyone happy and was happy. And CUD went on… happily.
  • 2. Supreme Court judgment for industries in Delhi
    Text of Supreme Court judgement of 07.05.2004 directing closure of industries in residential / non-conforming areas in Delhi as per a schedule ending in 18 months.
  • 3. National Common Minimum Programme: opportunities and imperatives: Supreme Court judgment of 07.05.2004 for industries in Delhi
    Note on DMP imperatives for NCMP opportunities arising from Supreme Court Judgment of 07.05.04 for industries in Delhi, sent on 06.06.04 to members of the compliance Monitoring Committee and others
  • 4. Metro Property Development – additions to s.11A response of 13.05.04; and request to stop all commercial space disposal pending policy for industrial units in it.
  • 5. Processes: advocacy for banishing buffaloes, The Hindu, 05.06.04
    Two days after newspapers reported Delhi Urban Development Minister’s decision to relocate Delhi’s dairies in accordance with Delhi Master Plan, The Hindu, in a news report (with no byline, no quotes and no news) titled ‘Sheila Government bogged down by populism’ has pitched for resumption of the drive by which MCD had started shutting Delhi’s dairies and auctioning impounded buffaloes in neighbouring states in the name of court orders in an NGO PIL about stray cattle. The business of banishing buffaloes smells of monkey business and could do with some minding.
  • 6. Public Notice No.K-13011/6/2004-DDIB dated 21.06.04 published in Hindustan Times dated 02.07.04 (p.16) – OBJECTIONS AND SUGGESTIONS
    Objection (on grounds of the proposed DMP modification obfuscating DMP provisions in pursuit contrary to their purpose, violating due process for DMP modification and impeding imperatives of Supreme Court order of 07.05.2004) and Suggestion (for DMP solution, public debae on any alternative plan for compliance and including responses in progress report of 31.08.04), filed on 10.07.2004.
  • 7. 2003 05 Idgah Public Notice
    for change of land use from residential to extensive industrial and slaughter house in Walled City
  • 8. National Common Minimum Programme Subversion: Capital Cases: INDUSTRIES
    Most industries in Delhi face closure by deadlines starting 07.09.04 set by Supreme Court order of 07.05.04 arising from orders since 1995 or, more accurately, from failure in spite of them to solve the problem of units in places not meant for them with space meant for them under Delhi Master Plan (DMP). National Common Minimum Programme (NCMP) provided a window of opportunity to view the court’s deadline as one for enforcing the DMP solution. With inertial initiatives headed to closing units in unlawful ways, this window is closing.
  • 9. Unlawful industrial closure in name of court orders
    With less than a month to go before the four month deadline for start of closure of industries failing any other option for them, government has finally revealed its plans for compliance of Supreme Court order of 07.05.04 – through unlawful closure rather than through enforcement of statutory solutions.
  • 10. Public Notice appearing in Hindustan Times of 27.08.04 (Full page-21) – request to communicate your view as Commissioner (Planning) to Commissioner of Industries
    Letter to DDA Commissioner (Planning) about problems with the Public Notice, with request to communicate his views on the same to GNCTD Commissioner of Industries for issuance of another Public Notice
    Prime Minister, while recognising the importance of SSI sector not only in its contribution to GDP but also for its stellar performance in exports and in generating employment, has said that employment is the key thrust area for our government. (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 12. PM inaugurates SSI convention
    The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, has said that the Government is contemplating to aid and support the small scale industries sector. He announced that a National Commission to examine the problems facing enterprises in the unorganized, informal sector would be set up. The Commission will have a comprehensive mandate to examine and review existing institutional mechanism for supporting small enterprises, he added. (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 13. source:
  • 14. Regularization-eviction doublespeak
    News reports of 01 and 02.09.04

    A high-level meeting between Union Urban Development Minister and Delhi Chief Minister and Ministers for Urban Development and Industries “also discussed declaring areas with over 70% industries as conforming or 'industrial areas'” (Times of India, 01.09.04). “The issue of relocation of industries as per the Supreme Court directives was also discussed … It was decided that there should be a scientific survey of industrialised residential colonies and the views of all stake holders including residents should be taken into account. The results of the same would be submitted to the apex court” (HT, 01.09.04, text below). A “door-to-door survey to identify the number of industrial units, especially hazardous-pollutant ones, in residential areas” will be completed within three months (Express Newsline, 02.09.04).

    And a high-level committee set up by MoUD “is understood to have held a series of meetings with top officials from NCR States… to explore the possibilities of finding ways and means to "accelerate" relocation of small-scale and tiny industries from Delhi to the National Capital Region” (The Hindu).

    Hindustan Times, 01.09.04
  • 15. New development charges for regularisation
    HT Correspondent, New Delhi, September 1

    The development charges for regularising unauthorised colonies will be decided afresh by the Urban Development Ministry. These charges will be lesser than what had been proposed by the NDA government prior to the Lok Sabha elections. The cut-off date for the number colonies to be regularised will also be decided again.

    This decision was taken at a meeting between Union Urban Development Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad and Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Tuesday. Delhi ministers A.K. Walia and Mangat Ram Singhal were also present.

    The Delhi government had proposed the 1977 model for regularisation wherein, 607 colonies were regularised at very nominal rates. These colonies have till date not paid the development charges amounting to Rs 500 crore. Only Rs 1.5 crore have been paid so far. T he 1977 model was, however, rejected by Azad and UD officials on the ground that it would attract squatters and colonisers from other states.

    The new regularisation charges will now be decided in about a week’s time and they will be lesser than the ones proposed by the NDA government, officials said. The NDA government had announced the decision to regularise 1,900 unauthorised colonies by charging varying conversion costs from affluent and non-affluent colonies on public and private land.

    According to this plan, a 50 square metre plot holder would have to pay Rs 30,000 as regularisation charges, which would be one tenth of the cost of the land.

    The issue of relocation of industries as per the Supreme Court directives was also discussed at the high-level meeting. It was decided that there should be a scientific survey of industrialised residential colonies and the views of all stake holders including residents should be taken into account. The results of the same would be submitted to the apex court.
  • 16. Industries imbroglio and DMP survival / what tomorrow might bring
  • 17. Closure and protest announcements
    News reports of 07.09.2004

    "With the Supreme Court deadline on closure of polluting industries expiring on Tuesday, the government would be starting the process of cutting water and electricity connections of violating units from Wednesday. According to government, there are almost 5,000 industrial units which fall under the F Category" (Times of India, more in Asian Age report, at end). Simultaneously, "Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit said the government was discussing declaring residential areas with over 70 per cent taken up by industries, as industrial areas. "We have been discussing this issue with the Urban Development minister along with that of the necessary amendments to the proposed Master Plan for Delhi," she said." (Express Newsline). And industries, under the banner of a Delhi Federation of about 50 associations, announced they will observe strike (Daily Pioneer, next).

    Daily Pioneer, 07.09.2004
  • 18. Industrial strike on Wednesday
    Staff Reporter/ New Delhi

    Atleast 48 industrial associations under the banner of Delhi Manufacturers' Federation (DMF) will observe a strike on Wednesday against the Supreme Court's ruling for closing category  F  industries in residential areas.

    Speaking to The Pioneer, DMF general secretary Vijay Virmani said industrial associations have decided to sit on a dharna and block traffic in their areas on Wednesday.

    He said the industrial associations have made presentations to Union Urban Development Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad, Union Smal Scale Industries Minister Mahavir Prasad, Lieutenant Governor BL Joshi, City Finance Minister Dr AK Walia and Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and all these leaders whole-heartedly assured them that not a single industry will be closed down and all areas with a concentration of 70 per cent or more industries will be declared as regular industrial areas.

    "Atleast 15 lakh workers of industries and the over 10 lakh related persons like rickshaw pullers, tempo operators, transporters, chaiwalas, dhabhawalas, grocery shop owners, other daily wagers and villagers depending on the rental income from these industries would be directly affected,"said Mr Virmani

    Asian Age, 07.09.2004
  • 19. Action against polluting units from tomorrow
    By Our Correspondent

    New Delhi, Sept. 6: The Delhi government will start taking action against polluting household industries operating from residential areas in the city from Wednesday.

    Authorities will first disconnect the power and water supply of such units running in residential areas. The government has decided to seal polluting household units running in residential areas following a Supreme Court deadline expiring on Tuesday.

    The industry department has already made it clear that all polluting household units, which have been allotted plots in the Bawana industrial area, should take possession before Tuesday.

    Meanwhile, the Union government is reportedly considering the Delhi government’s proposal to allow the operation of 18 other categories of household industries in residential areas. Out of a total of 41 categories of household industries suggested by the Delhi government, the Union government has so far accepted only 23 more categories of household industries.

    Sources said that the additional household industries that can now operate in residential areas are ones which deal with aluminium hanger, Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicine, brushes and brooms, cassettes recording, information technology and enabling services, interlocking and buttoning, leather belts, production of sweets, paper mache, paper cup, photography, readymade garments, repair of computer hardware, shoe laces, schools bags, sport nets, stamp pads, ties and water meter.

    The industry department of the Delhi government had also made it clear it would not refund amount to those applicants who had made full payments for allotment of the industrial plots in the Bawana industrial area.

    The decision was taken to save the Delhi government’s ambitious and India’s largest industrial relocation exercise of worth Rs 1,000 crores in Bawana and other parts of the city. The entire exercise had suffered heavily as most of the allottees have started withdrawing their claims.

    The Delhi government developed industrial areas in the city, including Bawana, Jhilmil and Patparganj. Narela and Badli had already been developed as industrial areas in the city.
  • 20. Closure of industries in Delhi – inertial unlawfulness in name of Supreme Court and in disregard of National Common Minimum Programme and numerous representations
    For intervention for consideration of compliance through statutory solution instead of through lawless closure, following news reports about 2000-like developments – start of protest by industries against inadequacies of government’s development for a few and its blow-hot-blow-cold stance on most units and government’s continuing impossible promises of impossible solutions alongside reality of enforcement squads initiating closure
  • 21. Facelift for industrial estates
    NEW DELHI, SEPT. 9. Asserting that the Delhi Government was committed to providing all necessary infrastructure and civic facilities to entrepreneurs, the Delhi State Industrial Development Corporation (DSIDC) Chairman, Hasan Ahmed, today announced that a project would soon be drawn up to develop and beautify new and existing industrial estates under the Bhagidari Scheme initiative of the Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit. (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 22. "Solution-seeking" - illusion and reality
    News reports of 10.09.04 about Delhi Government’s cabinet meeting on 11.09.04 have CM describing the purpose of the meeting as taking a “comprehensive view” of the industries matter (Pioneer, ToI, Hindu). What that might mean is variously reported. HT says the idea is to take a “view of the problems being faced by the industrialists”. Hindu says it is to “discuss the various issues arising out of closure”. All say it is to discuss regularization / DMP2021 ideas, which the court has comprehensively rejected.
  • 23. A Cabinet to fret about
    What Delhi Government's emergency cabinet meeting on 11.09.04 about industries has reportedly decided should make all sit up and fret about the cabinet now.
  • 24. Delhi Government’s decision to seek review of order of 07.05.04 for industries – request for your view and prior disposal of my s.11A Public Notice response, etc
    "Objection" on grounds of it being proven non-viable 5-year old idea rejected by the court and infringing DMP provisions and processes and any review petition proposal calling for wider political and professional discussion (in letter of 13.09.04 to DDA Commissioner (Planning) with copy to MoUD Secretary and also to Left Parties and PM)
  • 25. PM urged to regularise small industries
    NEW DELHI, SEPT. 13. The former Prime Minister, V.P. Singh, and the senior CPM leader, Sitaram Yechuri, today urged the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, for in situ regularisation of small industries in Delhi as their closure or relocation would hit the "livelihood" of lakhs of industrial labourers and "starve" their family members. (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 26. Discussion at SPA, 14.09.04
    Some industrial areas were part of recent School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) studio work, based on which some queries / suggestions had been earlier made to DDA / Delhi Government after the Supreme Court order of 07.05.04. On the evening of 14.09.04 students and a faculty member called a meeting to discuss Delhi Government’s decision of 11.09.04 to file a review petition.

    (Participant's diary accout, pending organisers' posting of proceedings)

    The group in SPA (over a dozen students and two faculty persons) is interested in the judgment since it is based on and upholds Master Plan provisions and processes and had invited those who have expressed support for a view of the judgment as providing opportunity for enforcing the statutory DMP2001 solution. Representatives from industries associations / federations (about 10, representing all major groups currently active, except one that could not attend but conveyed its views) and professionals (one planner, an engineer consultant to industries and DSF could not attend).

    The general view was that, with no substantive progress made towards any solution in four months since the judgment, the decision to approach the court is a welcome initiative. But the content of the proposed review petition is worrying, being identical to what was filed in 1999 and based on ideas for DMP2021 rather than on statutory DMP2001 entitlements. The Government’s release also makes irrelevant references to city environment (though the issue is only local incompatibility) and lack of cooperation (though industries have hardly any legal options on offer). However, consensus on this content is growing – with industries having called their strike off immediately after the cabinet decision and Left leaders having met PM the following day to endorse it, impression that PM will be holding a meeting with CM and UDM, etc – in, perhaps, too hasty and unconsidered manner, panic reaction against imminent closure.

    It was agreed that efforts need to be made to seek clarification and discussion on the content of the review petition, especially in terms of focus on statutory DMP2001 options. The industries representatives felt this would be difficult since the regularization promise had become a long-standing demand of industry, but they would take up the issue with various groups and also with political parties they were engaging with. The group from SPA was also unsure about broader professional support given the abysmal state of affairs in so-called civil society engagements, but they would make efforts. A media conference by professionals, consulting lawyers, preparing simple write-ups for communication, letters seeking clarifications, etc, were suggested as some immediate possibilities. All agreed that the judgment provided opportunity to progress towards durable lawful solutions that its review should not curtail, certainly not by consensus, and everyone would think about how to proceed on this premise in coming days and stay in constant touch.

    Gita Dewan Verma | Planner | 14.09.04 (Diary account)
  • 27. What is non-conforming and environment-damaging?
  • 28. Indian Building Congress Awards, June 2004
    A news item on (only) one announced in first week of June 2004) that President of India is to honour architects of three complexes that Indian Builders Congress selected out of all the buildings constructed in the country last year for its annual awards for excellence, instituted to encourage new talent and innovativeness among architects. Two of the three (Delhi Government Secretariat and Garden of Five Senses) involve illegalities in terms of planning law and the third raises at least questions about professional ethics.
  • 29. Closure of units: Repair shops, flour mills to stay
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday asked the Delhi government and the Union Urban Development Ministry to jointly work out a plan to ameliorate the problems of industrial units operating from residential areas.

    He also directed the two to work out joint proposals for the 2010 Commonwealth Games to be held in the Capital. The PM’s directions came at a meeting he had with Union Urban Development Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Lt. Governor B.L. Joshi on Wednesday.

    Talking to reporters later, Dikshit said that the DDA has decided to issue a notification exempting flour mills, dryclean units and scooter repair units from industries that have to shift out.

    It was also decided that the Delhi government would file a review petition in the Supreme Court instead of the Union urban development ministry. “The court would be apprised of the ground realities in the petition,” Dikshit said. She added that the government would ask for three months time for shifting the industries. The court’s deadline expires on October 7.

    Asked whether the 24 residential areas where 70 per cent industries exist would be declared “industrial”, Dikshit said that the urban development ministry has accepted the state government’s proposal in this regard.

    A survey has already been ordered by the government to find out whether 70 per cent industries exist in these 24 areas or not. “There should be a flexibility of land use and it should not be frozen for 20 years by the master plan,” the CM said.

    Urban development ministry officials, however, denied that any such proposal has been accepted. “It is for the SC to decide and not the Union government,” the officials said while refuting Dikshit’s claims.

    The Union urban development minister has now convened a meeting of the NCRPB in October to explore possibilities of Delhi’s industries shifting to neighbouring states.

    Plan of action

    PM asks Centre, state to study problems of industries in residential areas

    DDA to issue notification exempting scooter repair units, flour mills from shifting out

    Delhi government to seek more time from SC for shifting industries.
  • 30. Flour mills, dry cleaners to stay in neighbourhood
    Daily Pioneer, 16.09.2004

    Staff Reporter/ New Delhi

    Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Wednesday met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Union Urban Development Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad on shifting of industrial units, regularisation of unauthorised colonies and shifting of dairies, following the Supreme Court's directions. It is understood that the Prime Minister has advised Mr Azad and the Delhi Government to sort out the problem, which has risen due to a Supreme Court ruling. He has said that industrialist and labourers should not be harassed.

    Ms Dikshit also announced the inclusion of flour mills (atta chakki), auto-repair shops and dry cleaners in household industries category. The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has issued a notification in this regard. While no decision was taken on the shifting of industrial units from non-conforming areas at the meeting, both Mr Azad and Ms Dikshit apprised the PM on the issues.

    Talking to reporters, Ms Dikshit said Mr Singh has asked the Urban Development Minister and the Delhi Government to coordinate with each other on the issues where the Supreme Court's directions are involved.

    "The Prime Minister has said that there should not be any unemployment or law and order problem following the court's order. He has also said that the Urban Development Ministry and the Delhi Government should coordinate on these issues. The Prime Minister's response was positive," said Ms Dikshit.

    Lieutenant Governor BL Joshi, city industries minister Mangat Ram Singhal, chief secretary S Reghunathan, DDA vice chairman Madhukar Gupta and UD secretary Anil Baijal were also present in the meeting. The Chief Minister said that now the neighbourhood flour mills, auto-repair shop owners and dry cleaners need not worry about the court's order. The DDA has issued notification for the inclusion of these three category as household industries.

    Ms Dikshit said that the Delhi Government will file a review petition in the Supreme Court with an undertaking to take all possible steps to ensure compliance of the court's order. "We have apprised the Prime Minister, the Lieutenant Governor and the UDM that the Delhi Government will conduct a scientific survey of areas having more than 70 per cent industrial concentrations and will submit it to the Supreme Court. We have also urged the UDM to include these areas in the Master Plan for Delhi 2021 and bring it out as early as possible," said Ms Dikshit.

    On the decongestion of Delhi as far as traffic and industries are concerned, Ms Dikshit said that the National Capital Region (NCR) Planning Board meeting is likely to be held in October. "There are several issues related to NCR which would be discussed. Issues like shifting of dairies, slaughter houses, relocation of slum clusters and waste disposal sites (sanitary landfill site) will be discussed. The UDM has also suggested setting up an NCR fund to decongest Delhi," added Ms Dikshit.

    Supporting the NCR, Ms Dikshit said that the Capital had no land and therefore the NCR concept should be accepted.

    Sources in the NCR planning board said that they had offered industrial plots with world class infrastructure to industrialists in 1996 and that a similar offer was made during the meeting in July this year, but industrialists were not keen to set up their units in the NCR region. There are 90,000 industrial units in Delhi and the Government has only 30,000 plots for them.
  • 31. Manmohan holds out an assurance
    By Our Staff Reporter

    NEW DELHI, SEPT. 15. Stating that the Central Government was concerned about the issue of relocation and closure of industries currently underway in the Capital, the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, today assured the Delhi Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit and the Union Urban Development Minister, Ghulam Nabi Azad, of all possible help in finding an amicable solution to the problem. (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 32. Shifting units: PM tells Delhi Govt to work with Centre, Express Newsline:
    The Prime Minister, sources said, has asked the Delhi government to work in collaboration with the Union Urban Development Ministry to resolve the issue. Dikshit apprised the Prime Minister of the ground realities and her government’s decision to approach the Supreme Court. The government is planning to approach the court to seek more time to shift these industries out of the residential or non-conforming areas. A Delhi government official said: ‘‘The Prime Minister extended all support for solving the problem and also appreciated the government’s efforts.’’ However, the official added, he did not give any assurance on the amendments to be made in the proposed Masterplan 2021. The Prime Minister has asked the Delhi government to carry out the closure and relocation of industries, as per the Supreme Court order.
  • 33. Industry watch: CM plans strategy
    Hindustan Times,17.09.2004, Chetan Chauhan

    New Delhi, September 17

    After meeting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, chief minister Sheila Dikshit called a meeting of her cabinet colleagues on Thursday to chalk out strategy to save industries in the Capital. According to sources, Dikshit briefed ministers about her interaction with the Prime Minister and discussed future strategy. It is learnt that the chief minister wants the government to go slow on the closure of industries. The meeting went on for about an hour and most of the ministers reportedly favoured a pro-industry stand to prevent an anti-Congress wave in the city. After the meeting, Dikshit met the Solicitor General of India to discuss the stand the state government should take in the Supreme Court.

    The Delhi government apparently wants the Centre to inform the apex court of its willingness to amend the Master Plan so that 24 non-conforming areas can be declared industrial zones. Dikshit also cancelled her meeting with Lieutenant-Governor B.L. Joshi for the weekly briefing.Meanwhile, the Industries Department has prepared a draft of the affidavit to be filed in the Supreme Court. Officials say the affidavit is likely to be filed in the court sometime next week.

    The government is seeking three months time to conduct a scientific survey of industries in non-conforming areas to get exact figures of areas where the concentration of industries is high. The Delhi government also wants some industries, especially those that have been declared hazardous, to be shifted into the National Capital Region. This will be decided at the NCR Planning Board meeting scheduled for next month.

    The affidavit will also have a status report on the number of industries closed so far. Industry Department officials say the SDMs have not been asked to stop the industry-closing drive yet. “They are doing their work as per the court’s orders,” an official said.

    Affidavit details

    Three months time for a survey of industries in non-conforming areas.

    Paucity of land in Delhi to relocate industries.

    Options to be looked at in NCR.

    Sufficient time should be given to industry owners to shift.
  • 34. Urban Development Ministry for promoting NCR concept
    By Sujay Mehdudia

    NEW DELHI, SEPT. 16. The Union Urban Development Ministry is in no mood to offend the Supreme Court on the issue of closure and relocation of industries and is strongly contemplating promoting the concept of creating magnetic townships in the National Capital Region (NCR) to decongest the Capital. (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 35. `Relocation of industries to accelerate NCR growth'
    By Lalit K. Jha

    NEW DELHI, SEPT. 16. Closure of small and household industries running from the residential areas of Delhi and their subsequent relocation would accelerate the growth of the National Capital Region and "generate" employment opportunities for lakhs of skilled and unskilled labourers. (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 36. Anomalies in GNCTD action against industries
    Excerpts from letters of 26.09.2004, with reference to letter of 23.09.2004 about illegal withdrawal of ground water and excavation / quarrying on construction of DDA/GNCTD projects started in violation of DMP / development and environment law covered by a PIL in which High Court issued notice on 22.09.2004
  • 37. Ibid.
  • 38. Industry worker dies, protesters spit fire
    Times of India, 02.10.2004

    SDM’s team pushed victim, allege owners; officials deny

    Times News network

    New Delhi: An industry worker died following a heart attack on friday afternoon at rampura in trinagar area, when identification of polluting industries was being carried out by the area Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). unit owners blocked rohtak road and the railway line in protest and the police had to lathicharge the mob.

    The victim, Mam Chand (45) operated a lathe machine. The incident occurred at around 1:30 pm, when a team comprising the SDM, officials of NDPL, Djb accompanied by area police were in the process of disconnecting water and electricity connections of f category industries.

    Accusations were flying thick and fast. While industrialists alleged that the SDM’s team had pushed the victim, the Delhi government stated the SDM’s team was not present on the spot when the incident occurred.

    “After surveying 24 industries, the team had disconnected the electricity supply of 8 f category industries. While the team members were at the premises of a plastic ball manufacturer, they heard that someone had died of a heart attack… There was no interaction between the survey team and the deceased,” a Delhi government statement said. It was after this that the team is said to have visited the spot. The activity was subsequently called off.

    Earlier last month, an industry owner collapsed following a heart attack and later died while protesting against the closure of industries in Vishwas Nagar in east Delhi.

    The victim, Deepak Bhatia (42), ran a printing press in the area. Here, too, police had to resort to lathicharge to control the crowd.

    Meanwhile, with the October 7 deadline for f category industries drawing near, the government made it clear it will not approach the Court on the issue. “We do not have a convincing argument. We will just implement the Court orders,” industries minister mangat Ram Singhal said on Friday.

    The government had earlier said it will file a review petition in Court, asking them for more time to regularise industrial areas with heavy concentration of industries.

    The government had, up till thursday cut the water and electricity supply of about 1,000 industries. almost 4,000 industries have been surveyed till now, singhal added. The action has, understandably, irked the industry owners who allege that the government was not only taking away their livelihood, but also putting an end to delhi’s commerce.
  • 39. Request to PMO for appointment about NCMP-DMP options, 04.10.04
    made with reference to GNCTD volte-face on its idea to approach court and to previous communications about industries, informal sector, etc
  • 40. Letter to Left about non-representation of protest against wilfulness, 03.10.04
    in view of continuing disregard of statutory solution and focussed demand for a solution equal to or better than it and of actions of Delhi government and inaction of central government, etc (sent to CPI-M centreal and state offices, CPI, RSP and Forward Bloc)

    Emphasising Government’s commitment to employment led growth, the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh today gave a new slogan ‘Rozgar Badhao’ while giving away the prestigious Shram Awards here today. He said, "Our fiscal and monetary policies should promote the growth of labour intensive industries and process as opposed to capital intensive and labour saving ones." Stressing the need to reverse the jobless growth witnessed during the past few years, Dr. Manmohan Singh said that the Food for Work Programme would be launched in the next few weeks in 150 backwards districts of the country as a first step towards National Employment Guarantee to provide 100 days employment to all able bodies persons in rural areas. He said that a draft bill prepared by National Advisory Council in this regard is currently under the examination of the Government. (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 42. CPI(M) Condemns Crackdown On Protest
    Demands Halt To Closure Of Industries

    THE Communist Party of India (Marxist) Delhi state secretariat strongly condemned the central government and Delhi police for preventing the holding of a dharna at Teen Murti on October 5 against the large scale sealing of small-scale industries in the capital. 2.htm (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 43. Government buys time on relocation issue
    Times of India, 06.10.2004


    New Delhi: The Delhi government is in the process of formulating a policy on industries relocation. The industries department was asked to come up with a comprehensive plan in the Delhi cabinet meeting held on Monday. The issue is likely to come up for discussion in an informal cabinet meeting to be held on Tuesday.

    Under this, the government is planning to accommodate small units such as welding and lathe machine owners in the approved industrial areas. “There are 1,100 plots lying vacant in the 28 approved industrial areas of the city. Of these DDA has given 800 plots to the department where we are planning to relocate these units,” industries minister, Mangat Ram Singhal said. Most of these plots are big, measuring up to 300 yards. These will be divided into smaller plots of 50 to 60 yards and given to these people.

    The department is also looking at considering those applicants for relocation, which had been rejected earlier for lack of proper documents. “In 1996, there were a total of 51,000 applicants, however 24,000 were rejected on these grounds. These will now be reconsidered,” Singhal added. Also considered would be unit owners, numbering around 3,000, who had taken back their money and the 2,100 defaulters who had paid less than 25% of the amount, the minister said.

    Meanwhile, the agitation took a new turn with former Prime Minister V P Singh and leaders Sitaram Yechuri and D.Raja courting arrest to oppose government’s move.
  • 44. Request to DDA Commissioner (Planning), 06.10.04
    to clarify to Left leaders the problems with GNCTD ideas and to seek from central government s.41 direction against GNCTD interference till he has drawn up an action plan for lawful compliance through DMP solution
  • 45. Stop Closure Of Industries In Delhi
    The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) issued the following statement October 6, 2004. delhi.htm (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 46. Delhi to buy time till 2007
    By Our Staff Reporter

    NEW DELHI, OCT. 6. The Delhi Government today declared that it intended to approach the Supreme Court soon seeking time till 2007 to carry out the directions for relocation of industrial units in various categories. The Government would also present its viewpoint to the Court on the shape of the Master Plan of Delhi 2021 keeping in mind the changing times and the need of the hour. (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 47. Left parties join industry owners' agitation
    NEW DELHI: Adding a new twist to the industries' relocation issue, former Prime Minister V P Singh and other Left party leaders joined the agitating industry owners, to stop closure of industries in non-conforming areas. The unit owners who staged a rally at Rajghat on Tuesday also blocked traffic on the Ring Road. (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 48. source:
  • 49. Massive Demo Seeks Halt To Closure Drive
    CPI(M) Places Demands

    A UNIQUE and massive demonstration of workers and manufacturers of small-scale industries in non-conforming areas was held in New Delhi on October 12 to protest against the ongoing campaign of the Delhi government to seal these industries under the pretext of Supreme Court directives. The government has begun disconnecting water and electricity to these units. industries.htm (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 50. source:
  • 51. Govt., party divided over closure of units
    NEW DELHI, OCT. 13. The Delhi Government and the Congress party seem to be speaking in different voices on the issue of closure of industries in the non-conforming areas of the Capital. Wary about possible fall-out of the sealing of industrial units, the Congress party is trying to reassure the affected parties by stating that it was contemplating filing of an affidavit in the Supreme Court over the issue. (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 52. Left plays the Right role
    NEW DELHI, OCT. 13 . The political ground appears to be slipping from under the feet of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the Capital with each passing day. Plagued by severe infighting and inaction, the party has been unable to turn the heat on the Sheila Dikshit Government on important issues including closure of industries leaving the field open to other players particularly the communists who have grabbed the opportunity in a bid to expand their base in city politics. (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 53. source:
  • 54. source:
  • 55. Left blasts Sheila over units issue
    NEW DELHI, OCT. 14. Reacting to the Delhi Chief Minister's statement that she needed solutions and not ultimatums over the issue of shifting of industries, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) Delhi State Committee today said the allegations were "baseless and misleading''. (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 56. Gita Dewan Verma
    Public Notice is, in fact, for “regularization” of a willful project illegally being constructed since last year... I object to this on grounds now of pending prior objections... NCMP implicit promise of ‘political will’ to ... not “regularize” inequity and wilfulness. ... I suggest scrutiny u/s.41(3) of legality and propriety of DDA decision to publish this Public Notice and that it be withdrawn and re-issued only after prior objections, etc, have been disposed off and action u/s.29 and 30 taken to restore the site to DMP-2001 land use (‘Agriculture and Water Body’) from which change of land use “proposed”...
  • 57. Public Notice for Master Plan modification to “regularize” illegal IT Park at Metro Depot on riverbed
  • 58. Letters of 16-17 October 200
  • 59. Will Master Plan-2021 deliver NCR concept?
    NEW DELHI: The MPD-2021 is aiming at what previous plans have failed to do— develop the much-talked about concept of the National Capital Region (NCR). However, planning experts have their doubts over how plans can be translated from paper into reality. (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 60. A new profile for Delhi by 2010
    NEW DELHI: The millennium city is gearing up to host the Commonwealth Games in 2010. Malls, shopping centres, Metro whizzing across ... on the face of it, Delhi seems to have arrived. But scratch the surface a little and the true picture of Delhi emerges — a polluted Yamuna, unauthorised colonies, a city bursting at its seams with slums, industries rubbing shoulders with homes, bad roads, traffic woes...the list is endless. (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 61. source:
  • 62. Industry owners' delegation meets PM
    Daily Pioneer, 21.10.2004

    Staff Reporter/ New Delhi

    A four member delegation of industry owners on Tuesday met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at his residence and urged him to do the needful to save industries. The delegation, led by Rajesh Gupta, included Rakesh Aggarwal, Suraj Prakash and Mahinder Gupta.

    "The Prime Minister gave us a patient hearing and has assured us that he would do the needful to ensure that injustice is not done to industry owners. We have full faith in our Prime Minister and he would certainly address the problem in an effective manner," Mr Gupta said.

    He further said that a letter was given to the Prime Minister, which states, among other things, that, "the sealing of factories should be stopped immediately. The purpose shall be defeated if the sealing is done but the arbitrariness of the officers is leading to rampant corruption."

    "The Government has from time to time to amended the Master Plan to suit its convenience and ignored other violations...there are many other provisions in favour of the industry which have been ignored such time for shifting, size of plots, land for new industrial area development," the letter added.
  • 63. Vajpayee may take up cudgels for industries
    Daily Pioneer, 22.10.2004

    Staff Reporter/ New Delhi

    Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on Thursday assured a delegation that he would take up the matter of industries on a priority basis with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

    "He has given us a very strong assurance and we are hopeful justice would be done to industrialists," Delhi BJP chief Dr Harsh Vardhan said.

    The delegation comprised, among others, South Delhi BJP MP Vijay Kumar Malhotra, Vijay Goel, Rajesh Gupta, Shyam Lal Garg, and Ved Gupta. "Since the State Government, led by Sheila Dikshit, is not willing to safeguard the interests of lakhs of people dependent on industries, Mr Vajpayee's intervention holds a lot of hope for them," Dr Vardhan said.

    The delegation also apprised Mr Vajpayee how industry owners were being harassed by different agencies by disconnecting power and water supply. "Since these are non-polluting industries, the Government need not shift them," Dr Vardhan said.

    He added that the party would intensify the agitation if the Centre and the State Governments failed to come out with a comprehensive proposal to deal with the problem. "We want the Government to do justice to industrialists and the lakhs of people working there," he said.
  • 64. Vajpayee urged to save Delhi industries
    By Our Staff Reporter

    NEW DELHI, OCT. 21. Having failed to get an appointment with the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, the Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party, led by its president, Harsh Vardhan, today sought the intervention of the former Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, to save lakhs of entrepreneurs and industrial labourers from being displaced due to the closure of the industrial units in non-conforming areas of the Capital. (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 65. Congress MPs turning a blind eye to Delhi issues
    By Sujay Mehdudia

    NEW DELHI, OCT. 17. The Congress had often accused the Bharatiya Janata Party Members of Parliament from Delhi of not watching and protecting the interests of Delhi and its people inside and outside Parliament. The same issues have now started haunting the Congress Members of Parliament from the Capital for having turned a blind eye to the issues of grant of Statehood, regularisation of unauthorised colonies and closure of thousands of industrial units in the city. (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 66. Maken makes out a case for industries
    NEW DELHI: Throwing his weight behind the industry-owners, New Delhi MP and former Delhi cabinet minister Ajay Maken on Friday said that the government's stand on the relocation issue was contradictory and could lead to an economic and environmental disaster. Maken has written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi on the issue. (Retrieved 16th December, 2012)
  • 67. source:
  • 68. Requests for views of "official" NCMP minders
  • 69. Ibid.
  • 70. Ibid.
  • 71. source:
  • 72. source:
  • 73. source:
  • 74. source:
  • 75. Starter tale, Op. cit.
  • 76. old
  • 77. MPISG Engagements
    Master Plan Implementation Support Group, a synergy platform of citizens' groups pursuing, through due processes for public participation and redress, implementation of their DMP entitlements and against DMP violations that infringe them