| is there a user's manual for this
| type of thing?

| Looks like an 18 month iteration if you
| see the publicity cycles, this is the third
| one cycle beginning, British RaisingStar to
| American Market. Are there professional consultants
| who market Architects?

Isabel Allen, editor of Architects Journal, said: “Government buildings
like City Hall are different from libraries. The public aren’t actually
supposed to be invited in.”

If Adjaye gets his way, his next public building is likely to be for a
religious or inspirational setting, rather than a political one.

 From architect to 'starchitect'
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Adyaye's houses

Already making waves in Britain, David Adjaye looks set to crack the US
and become an international name. He talks to Dominic Bradbury

This is a defining time for architect David Adjaye. He has often been
tipped as one of the country's most promising and original architectural
talents, but this will be the year - thanks to a quartet of high-profile
commissions coming to completion by this autumn - when we find out if
Adjaye can really translate promise into achievement and begin to
compete with the global "starchitects".