IIA Northern Chapter invites you to this session as part of the Chai Coffee and Architecture Series

Most of you would be aware of the plans for redevelopment of the Central Vista area which have been in the news recently. While there has been a great deal of activity behind the scenes, there are only a few details of the project in the public domain and those have been through sources who have shared details with newspaper journalists. However with the DDA notifying the land use changes now, a broad plan has been revealed.

The Central Vista area is probably the most important piece of real estate in the country. The area has a significance and importance attached to it which is not only based on its history and architecture but also its cultural and sociological impact. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to state that it is the heart of India and the emotions are reflected in a resplendent character in this arena whether it be the pageantry associated with Republic day, fashion week or the cultural festivals or the protests held on various significant occasions.

With the notification for land use issued by the DDA, the process of changing this area has been set in motion. It is essential that we, as professionals, put our heads together to debate the significance of these proposed changes.

In the seminal series of Chai Coffee and Architecture, we plan to discuss these contextual changes in considerable detail and plan a way forward.

The public Notice issued by DDA can be downlaoded from their website along with the the Proposed Landused use plan.

Northern Chapter, The Indian Institute of Architects is hosting deliberations on this very important subject at New Committee Room, SPA, New Delhi at 4:00 PM, Wednesday 8th January, 2020 to form a collective view of the Profession for representing to Delhi Development Authority on this very important matter.