The new international design competitions "Le 5 Stagioni" and "Storie di Farina" are dedicated to the evolution of Pizzerias and Spaces for Bread, in Italy and in the world, to the relationship between tradition and innovation, between design and evolution of spaces. 

 The new international competitions are open, and free,  to architects, designers, contract companies and entrepreneurs, with a prize money of Euros 15,000. The two innovative initiatives organized in collaboration with the ARD&NT; Institute, which brings together the Politecnico di Milano and Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, are aimed at designers and entrepreneurs, to underline the importance of the project in bakeries and pizzerias, to enhance their potential through innovation and the value of tradition. The International Competition Storie di Farina and the International Competition Le  5 Stagioni will award three bakeries and three pizzerias already made and operating. To participate, and win, there is time until November 2018!