Stating that the open air auditorium of Kala Academy complex needs to be demolished for reconstruction purpose, the Minister for Art and Culture, Govind Gaude on Thursday said that the premier art and culture centre of Goa would require major repairs due to its present weak structural condition.

“Kala Academy is nearly 46-year-old structure,” he added.

Meanwhile, the city-based Charles Correa Foundation has taken strong objection to the demolition of this complex, whose construction was entirely based on the plans prepared by the internationally renowned Goan architect, Charles Correa.  


“In fact, the condition of the open air auditorium is such that since past one year, I had to even stop its bookings, to rent it out for programmes,” he admitted, pointing out that the rest of the complex is also facing various problems like seepage of water and water leakage during monsoons.

“We had sought reports about the structural condition of Kala Academy complex from experts at the Goa Engineering College and other such institutions,” Gaude informed, adding that the reports are in his possession, and once he goes through them page by page, he would consult the Chief Minister for future action.

The Kala Academy complex had undergone major repairs during the inaugural International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa, way back in 2004, when the form of the Black Box in this complex was altered. However, its facade and the appearance were maintained as per the vision of Correa. 

When asked if the present look of Kala Academy complex would be retained, during its forthcoming repairs, the Minister for Art and Culture said that at this moment it would be very difficult for him to comment on the particular aspect as the reports sought remains to be studied.  “Give me two or three days and I will come back with the requirement of this complex,” he mentioned.

Gaude also said that he is fully aware about the sentimental involvement of Goans in the prestigious complex, and therefore, does not want to take any risk pertaining to its condition.