Part of Playlist of Propositions: CISA Fellows 2018 Curated Exhibitions

Intense-urban-landscape-experience of Delhi cannot be completed without the 'package' visit to गाजीपुर कूड़ा पहाड़. The package includes a tour to the fish mandi, गाजीपुर नाला, and the neighbourhood colonies, which are possessed by its spell. Beyond its apocalyptic height and smell, गाजीपुर कूड़ा पहाड़ in many ways, surprises its visitors. 

Its 'spread' is unprecedented, can't be articulated in words. It is a mirror for the city dwellers, for us: humans. To many, it may appear as a bird (eagle) sanctuary. Part of this unstable ground surface is now converted into a beautiful park, where those fat fearless wild-dogs laying peacefully forever. One wouldn't dare to wake them up, only if you manage to enter their dreams, that will be the spectator.

This is an unique opportunity for the people of Delhi to encounter its disappearance in the early winter morning smog. 

Friends, I want to invite you to WALA's guided tour of गाजीपुर कूड़ा पहाड़, with Niroj Satapathy tomorrow early morning. We have managed to get permission from the authority to climb the mountain. Our meeting point is Anand Vihar Metro Station Gate no-1. Please join the group before 9 am. We will proceed from there.

The tour is part of 'Could Be Urbanism | Shayad Shahari Hai' curated by Naveen Mahantesh part of CISA.