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File No. CIC/LS/A/2008/00068

Appellant : Smt Gita Dewan Verma

Public Authority : Delhi Development Authority (through Shri P.S. Uttarwar Director (Plg), Shri H.S. Dhillon, Jt. Direcote (Plg) & Shri Chandu Bhutia, Dy. Direcotr (Plg))

Date of Hearing : 6.1.2009

Date of Decision : 6.1.2009


By his letter of 24.6.2008, the appellant had requested for the following information:-

“i. Please see the news item form Hindustan Times dated 18.6.2008, indicating (a) a notification received from DDA by GNCTD on 17.6.2008, and (b) a related notification issued by MOUD on 24.3.2008.

ii. Please provide for both the reported notifications the exact URL of website publishing preferably by Email at the above e-mail address with telephonic intimation of sending.

iii. If the notifications are not yet published on website, please either ensure uploading (for compliance with S.4 (1) (b) & (c) of RTI Act) and provide the requested links or provide copies and/or particulars (number & date) by EMAIL, as above.

iv. If this is a case of mis-reporting by the press, it may clearly be informed that no such notifications exist on the entire record of the DDA-by a single letter.”

2. Shri P.S. Uttarwar vide his letter dated 30.6.2008 has sent her copies of two DDA Gazette Notifications dated 24.3.2008. He had also informed the appellant that the matter relating to the uploading of the notification on the website was being referred to Joint Director (MP). 

3. Dissatisfied with this the appellant had filed an appeal vide her letter dated 17.7.2008 before Shri B.M. Bansal, Principal Commissioner (Appellate Authority). It appears that the appeal has not yet been decided by the Appellate Authority. 

4. Hence, the present appeal. 

5. The matter was heard on 6.1.2009. The appellant appeared before the Commission. The DDA is represented by officers mentioned above. The appellant makes the following submissions :-

  1. that the two notifications sent by Shri Uttarwar to her are not the notifications requested for by her and that she had requested for notifications as referred to in the news report appearing in the Hindustan Times of June 18, 2008.
  2. that if the notifications referred to in the news item have not been issued then she should be informed accordingly in clear terms:
  3. that as per letter dated 30.6.2008 of Shri Uttarwar, a reference was made to Joint Director (MP) and Director (System) for uploading the notifications in question, but she has not heard anything from them. 

6. It is noticed that the first appeal was filed way back on 17.7.2008. The Appellate Authority is mandated to decide the appeal within the statutory period of 30 days has laid down in section 19 (6) of the RTI Act. It is a serious matter that the appeal has not yet been decided by the first Appellate Authority. 


7. Shri V.M. Bansal, Principal Commissioner-cum-Secretary (Appellate Authority) is hereby directed to decide the appeal in 04 weeks time after giving personal hearing to the appellant. He is also directed to explain the reason for inordinate delay in the disposal of the appeal preferred before him. His response should reach the Commission in four weeks time. 

8. The matter is disposed of subject to the above directions.


(M.L. Sharma)
Central Information Commissioner

Authenticated true copy, Additional copies of orders shall be supplied against application and payment of the charges, prescribed under the Act, to the CPIO of this Commission

(K.L. Das)
Assistant Registrar