"Attitude towards the span"
"Attitude towards the span" © Anant Raje Foundation, Ahmedabad

I was trying to develop an element of span. This is not just a lintel, but a logical development in terms of the shear forces and their bending moments. Regardless what my engineers thought, it gave me a certain satisfaction that it is possible to express the stresses and the bending moments, not in the literal sense, but in the form of the kinds of spans where the actual ‘hub’ of load distribution is going to be. The inside environment, where the element meets on a rectangular plane, one can fill it up with wall, or glass, or a window – the filler material; and on the outside it is left free for the environment. The space between is a little pocket to shade the filler material that came to be.

Verandah in the classroom block
Verandah in the classroom block © Anant Raje Foundation, Ahmedabad