Location of Project: Ahmedabad.
Year of completion: 1985 

550 sq. meter single family three bedrooms and guest room house with 35 cm thick brick load bearing walls with vaulted intermediate concrete first floor and terra-cotta hollow fuse vaults for the roof spanning two bays of 4.5 meters each. Hollow fuses effective in cutting down heat penetration through the roof aided by white mosaic tile chips also used as waterproofing, covering the outside vaulted surface. All major openings set back into shadow pockets. House oriented towards the direction of prevailing winds.

Roof made out of terracotta extruded fuses (bottles) in the form of vault in parabolic profile. Fuses providing thermal insulation finished with white china mosaic for heat reflection. Double height dining space under vault. Bathrooms enclosed within two broad side walls as insulation to rooms, windows recessed in alcoves.