The first steps in the Kangla Fort project were to conduct Historical Studies and a study of the site (Database of Inventories) of the fort that were submitted along with a Preliminary Concept Plan. The findings led to the Statement of Significance that starts this volume, i.e. why is the fort so important. Issues of authenticity and other needs of the people are dealt with in Conservation Issues, while the cultural resources of the fort are described in Rediscovering Kangla Fort. The need to integrate heritage management into mainstream management is discussed in Core Management. All these aspects are brought together in the Kangla Charter that is to form the legal basis for future activities in the fort. The Concept Development Plan provides the framework for the Archaeological Park Scheme, while the Integrated Management provides an integrated mechanism for managing the fort as a cultural resource as well as urban area. Finally, the Conservation Guide sets forth the necessary guidelines for preservation and restoration activities in the fort.

The Project Overview in Volume-II provides a physical context to the Archaeological Park Scheme while Concept Development discusses site strategies in detail, before the final section on Projects details out all the projects including designation of areas, summary of activities, list of concerned agencies in each case, and preliminary budgets.