I am grateful to the Government of Manipur for giving us the opportunity to work on the magnificent site of Kangla Fort, which has conclusively emerged as a potential World Heritage Site due to its unique and outstanding qualities. This project has happened under very special circumstances. It seems more like a miracle that the First Archaeological Park in India will be taking shape at Imphal in Manipur, a concept that I have been working on since 1990 as part of continuing effort, from my academic position to find practical solutions for conservation and management of our unprotected architectural heritage. It was fortuitous that the Manipur Government accepted my concept paper “Concept Development Plan for the Development of Kangla Fort as an Archaeological park" and the subsequent opportunity to develop the ideas into a plan. Through out the period of our project my colleagues and I have received continuous support from all the Departments of the Government of Manipur. It has been a great and memorable experience for us.

We acknowledge the numerous persons both from Delhi and Imphal, have contributed to bring Kangla Fort back to her people for whom it is both a very Sacred and Historic Site.

  • Former Home Ministers - Late Shri Inderjeet Gupta and Shri S.B. Chavan.
  • Former Chief Ministers of Manipur - Shri Rishang Keishing and Shri W Nipamacha Singh
  • Former Art & Culture Minister - Shri. W Thoiba Singh
  • Former officers in the Department of Art and Culture -:Shri. H Devsekhar Sharma, Shri. Kh. Mohendra Singh, Shri. Ch Birendra Singh, Shri. P Barot Singh and Shri. Th. Subol Singh,
  • Former Joint Secretary (Culture) at Delhi, Mrs Kasturi Gupta Menon
  • Resident Commissioner Shri R.R. Rashmi

We would like to also thank Brig E.J. Kochekan VSM and the Assam Rifles who were helpful through out the project and shared their insights and experience regarding practical aspects of management of the site.

My colleagues and I particularly grateful to the present Government of Manipur for their generous support in bringing the project to the final form especially Dr. Nara Singh, Hon’ble Minister Art and Culture who has been an inspiration. Mr. A.P Sharma, Chief Secretary, Government of Manipur, has been associated with this project since its inception and we are grateful for his continuous support.

We would like extend our thanks to Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Secretary Culture and all the officers in the Department of Art and Culture; Shri Achouba Singh, Dr. Sarojini Devi for their coordination support. Our special appreciation to Mr.S. Bheigya Singh of the Department of Archaeology who was a constant partner in Imphal through out the duration of the project, always ready and willing to help. From other departments, Shri. N Gitkumar Singh, Associate Town Planner, Govt. of Manipur, Director of Settlement and Land Records, Manipur and Director Planning Manipur.

This note will not be complete without acknowledging the tremendous contribution of the residents of Imphal whose enthusiasm and valuable contribution to the stimulating discussions at the workshops held at Imphal. Our very special thanks to the Core Group of eminent citizens and esteemed scholars of Manipur comprising Padamshree N Khelchandra Singh, Prof Tombi Singh, Former Vice Chancellor, University of Manipur, Shri. Ng Kullachandra Singh, Pandit Achouba and Shri Ratan Thiyum. Their intellectual guidance and sharing their extensive local knowledge with us. We would also like to include Binodini Devi, Salam Rajesh, Rajkumar Chandrajit Sana and many others who have been very encouraging.

Last but not least I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to my team Prof Edgar Ribeiro, Planner and Mr. Adit Pal, landscape architect and ecological planner, the Kangla Fort Archaeological park Team (KFAP Team). They have been tremendous as team members and their vast knowledge enabled us to put forward a trans-disciplinary expertise to the Government of Manipur. I am particularly grateful to Adit Pal for taking on the challenge of editing of Volume I.

I extend my appreciation to the young professionals who have assisted at different times of project work are - Ms Senthil Pavai, Ms Rajshree Sharma, Ms Meetu Sharma Saxena and Shri. Sukant Saha.

Prof. Nalini M Thakur,

Project Director