This is the only octagonal mausoleum in the complex with each side of the octagon measuring 5.8 m. The tomb stands on a high plinth comprising an octagonal upper plinth and a large square lower plinth. The main tomb chamber is double storied and covered with a shallow dome with an outer bulbous dome. The two storeys are depicted through projected balconies which have highly decorative stucco plaster works. On the Internal wall surfaces, all levels are decorated with stucco plasterwork.The tomb suffered significant deterioration with the dome plaster crumbling leading to significant water penetration, the wall surfaces covered with cement and paint layers and the ashlar stone blocks missing from the lower plinth.

Prior to commencement of works, the complete facade was covered with a layer of new finish – replacing the historic lime plaster. The thick algae deposits as well as along the rain water flow due to flushed water outlets will be repaired. Proposed works includes restoration of the facade plasterwork, internal dome and decorative features with stucco work and repair of the dome.

Work on the dome, April 2013- March 2014 -December 2014
Work on the dome, April 2013- March 2014 -December 2014 © Aga Khan Trust for Culture