Most of the monuments in the complex have developed vegetation on the domes, walls and terrace. This was due to the habitation of birds, their droppings and stagnation of water. The monuments lacked basic maintenance. Hence, on emergency, to avoid further deterioration of the monuments, there was a need to take necessary measures.


  • All the vegetation growing on the structures including Tombs, Baolis and Hamam were cleared and treated organically to avoid future growth.
  • Alloy chains were installed in most of the domes to ease future maintenance.
  • The rain water spouts in most of the terraces were cleared of silt and vegetation.

Next Steps

  • Removal of vegetation from structures not taken in hand for conservation will be repeated on an annual basis to prevent further deterioration.


  • Water stagnation on the terrace has been resolved and installation of alloy chains has helped for future cleaning.