DMP gives legal strength to commitment to equal access neighborhood schools that draft education Bill 2003 and compliance of court order for free seats have been diluting. NCMP committing resources without central law calls for progressive implementation of the DMP solution, also as framework for optimally absorbing resources.

Statutory DMP provisions for equal and efficient access for all to healthcare and education have been all but dismantled. Illegal allotments and use of facility sites stand condoned by continuing disregard of efforts since 2000, including PIL of 2003, against them. DMP’s holistic concept of equal access stands reduced to beggarly prayer for freebies for the poorest, with definition of both opened to negotiations, as a result of simplistic PIL. The decks stand cleared for those with their hearts set on providing noble services in global markets – and decisions to reduce or do away with conditions, even sites, needed to ensure access for citizens are unlawfully but freely being taken.

The betrayal of school children, as chronicled in 2000 under a different regime: Excerpt from “Little People’s Rights”, Ch.3, Slumming India, Penguin India, 2002; 19991 chronicle about Indore Zila Sarkar’s interventions posted2

DMP gives legal strength to commitment to equal access neighbourhood schools that draft education Bill 2003 and compliance of court order in PIL for free seats have been diluting. PIL on free beds in hospitals, likewise, is confusing equity basis of DMP for charity perspective. NCMP commitments called for progressive implementation of DMP schema for social facilities (also as framework for optimally absorbing resources committed without central law for education).

Instead, statutory DMP provisions for equal and efficient access for all to healthcare and education have been all but dismantled. Illegal allotments and use of facility sites stand condoned by continuing disregard of efforts since 2000, including PIL of 2003, against them. DMP’s holistic concept of equal access stands reduced to beggarly prayer for freebies for the poorest, with definition of both opened to negotiations, as a result of simplistic PIL. The decks stand cleared for those with their hearts set on providing noble services in global markets – and decisions to reduce or do away with conditions, even sites, needed to ensure access for citizens are unlawfully but freely being taken.

Convergence opportunities … missed and subverted


  • 16.06.2004: NCMP-DMP Note-33 on DMP common school system imperatives for NCMP and 86th Amendment opportunities arising from recent / ongoing court matters about schools in Delhi, with summary of prior notes, etc
  • 23.06.2004: News report about Union Minister asking Delhi Government to conduct survey of drop-outs4 with figures inconsistent with those in news report of survey in 20035 , references to NDA Bill, etc.
  • 23.06.2004: Letter to reiterate objections to ideas short of DMP entitlements6
  • 25.06.2004: Letters, with NCMP-DMP Note, to PM and LG with reference to news reports of their appreciation of Delhi government’s illusory efforts about free seats78 
  • 29.06.2004: Letter from President’s Secretariat saying communication of 23.06.04 had been forwarded to Secretary MoHRD for appropriate action
  • 06.07.2004: news report about deaths of Pushta evictees, including children, in Bawana9 


  • 07.07.2004: MPISG letter10 to question imminent resettlement to Bawana from Lal Khet in view also of pending court matters, besides questions about Pushta clearance, to DDA Vice Chairman, with copy to LG/DDA Chairman and Secretary MoUD, sent also to CVC with a subsequent letter.
  • 08.07.2004: News report about Delhi Government’s Dakhila Abhiyan with MCD, NGOs, etc11 
  • 09.07.2004: Further order in free seats matter12, with no reference to downsizing from DMP 25% for EWS to 20% for BPL in line with NDA Bill
  • 28.07.2004: Letters, including police complaint and letter of 07.07.04, etc, about school demolition on 27.07.04 and settlement demolition of 29.07.0413
  • 31.07.2004: Deadline for free seats passes without compliance14, while petitioner and respondent consult on Delhi education Bill15


  • 03.08.2004: In Chennai Union Finance Minister promises central law for education16
  • 03.08.2004: Letter from President’s Secretariat saying communication of 28.07.04 had been forwarded to Secretary MoUD for appropriate action
  • 05.08.2004: Article by free seats’ PIL lawyer17 says there is no difference between 25% and 20% in terms of free seats condition, connected only to cheap land allotment
  • 06.08.2004: On premise of free seats condition relating only to cheap allotment rather than to DMP equal access neighbourhood school system, DDA decision to auction school sites18
  • 14.08.2004: President's Independence Day eve address, focussing on education19
  • 15.08.2004: PM's Independence Day address, identifying education as one of seven priority areas from NCMP20
  • 19.08.2004: News report about building of non-functional charitable hospital being up for sale2122, letter wrt prior complaints about illegalities on the site and suggestion of shifting to it Delhi Government Liver Hospital coming up illegally on green belt
  • 20.08.2004: News report about decision to accept Escorts' offer of 51 crores to "get rid of" free-beds condition23, following High Court proceedings of 19.08.04 in free-beds PIL
  • 21.08.2004: News report about proposal for auctioning school sites in future to get rid of free-seats condition put up for approval of LG24, with Delhi government "objecting" mainly about share of auction proceeds
  • 22.08.2004: 10 questions about land "policy" initiatives for health and education facilities25 in letter to Secretary MoUD (4 about the Escorts’ offer, 3 about land policy ideas and 3 about implications for local sub-judice matters)
  • 23.08.2004: Comment: Health and education land policy developments - facility, charity, law - and insidiousness26:
  • 26.08.2004: Copy of letter from OSD to NAC to PS to Union Urban Development Minister for appropriate directions on the MPISG communication of 28.07.04, inclusive of MPISG letter of 07.07.04


  • 06.09.2004: Letter from CVC about MPISG letter of 07.07.04 having been forwarded for necessary action, if any
  • 08.09.2004: News reports about Delhi Government’s plan for transparency via website and rationalizing student-teacher ratio27 through closures and mergers28
  • 08.09.2004: News report about DDA plans to reduce standards for school sites, allow schools in homes, etc29 (condone past illegalities on school sites, divert future land allocation of roughly the amount proposed for metro property development) | Comment: ‘Policy’ to steal from children30
  • 08.09.2004: High Court order in MPISG PIL31 to DDA to file additional reply about misuse on school sites
  • 10.09.2004: News report about Delhi Government’s plans for schools in vans for the poor32 purportedly for greater outreach
  • 10.09.2004: News reports about scamming in admissions and about Delhi Government show-cause notices to 81 schools for not providing free seats3334
  • 10.09.2004: Comment: Enrolment drives, mobile schools, shut schools35
  • 11.09.2004: News report about Delhi Government plans for DSIDC porta-cabins for schools for the poor36
  • 13.09.2004: News report about Delhi Government show cause notices to 56 schools37
  • 15.09.2004: News report about DDA wanting 2 schools derecognised for failing to provide free seats38
  • 22.09.2004: High Court issues notice in MPISG PIL of 2003 against DMP-violating projects by government, including Vasant Kunj Malls and Biodiversity Park and Delhi Government’s Liver Institute


  • 04.10.2004: Groups from various cities attending a funded housing rights event express solidarity with Delhi NGO demand fortakeover of community halls for NGO-run night-shelters, etc39
  • 13-15.10.2004: NCMP-DMP concerns about education raised in objections in response to s.11A Public Notice for DMP modification for “regularizing” metro IT Park on riverbed40, filed from Pushta, Holambi Kalan, Bawana, ridge area settlements and MPISG Convenor (education) in continuation of prior engagements, etc, with
  • 16.10.2004: News report about High Court expert committee on free beds41 and personal appearance directions to Secretaries for not deciding on Escort’s offer42
  • 18.10.2004: News report about ”permanent health camp for the poor and disadvantaged people” at NAC headquarters"43
  • 18.10.2004: News report about Delhi government’s NGO-based enrolment plans and proposal to have more government schools44
  • 18.10.2004: Handbill for public meeting about free seats received via-email45
  • 20.10.2004: News report about MCD plans for closure-merger, including of “fairly popular” schools46
  • 22.10.2004: News reports about MCD plans to merge schools and DDA plans to reduce standards for school sites474849
  • 23.10.2004: News reports claiming for Commonwealth Games village that Supreme Court's refusal to grant stay on Akshardham temple has “cleared all doubts about location” and for Biodiversity Park at Vasant Kunj that it is “likely to be opened to the public in a year's time”5051
  • 24.10.2004: Follow-up to objections filed against IT Park: Request for proper hearing, in view of recent developments / announcements, no reply in MPISG PIL listed on 27.10.04, etc52
  • 24.10.2004: Letters to “official” NCMP minders – PMO53 – for their views on these chronicles… NCMP-DMP MINDER (FACILITIES) SUSPENDED


  • NCMP-DMP minder (Facilities): old index page54
  • Prior and continuing MPISG engagements55
  • 1. Part Two: Shades of Grey – Close-ups
    There was an impressive turnout of senior officials and representatives of friendly political parties, NGOs and donors at the Contemporary Urban Development (CUD) policy workshop that the Lord of CUD had convened. All quickly agreed on consensus starting points and key conflict/problem areas. The consensus was on two overall Urban Strategic Purposes (USPs)—first, to constantly celebrate CUD ideas (for a feel-good factor) and second to control land, etc (for unhampered furtherance of CUD). The only conflict/problem was the demands on behalf of ‘encroachers’ that they be allowed to remain where they were or resettled and extended basic services. Participants quickly input their suggestions and comments on these issues on their networked computer stations and technical staff quickly did the needful, after which the Lord clicked Output.
  • 2. Indore Zila Sarkar’s Interventions in School Education: Betraying Our Children in the Name of Decentralization and Universalization of Education
    In 1999 in Indore the district administration came out with two schemes for education – rationalization through closures and mergers of government schools and opening of new schools in slums and revenue-raising through commercial use of part of government school premises. These schemes, later replicated and extrapolated to policy, were protested through a roving street-exhibition starting Children’s Day 1999 based on a booklet, text of which is here.
  • 3. National Common Minimum Programme: opportunities and imperatives – Common School System in Delhi
     Note on DMP common school system imperatives for NCMP and 86th Amendment opportunities arising from recent / ongoing court matters about schools in Delhi, sent on 16.06.04 to authorities and others.
  • 4. HRD Minister ask Delhi Govt to conduct survey
    Rajesh Kumar / New Delhi
    Union Human Resources and Development (HRD) Minister Arjun Singh has asked the Sheila Dikshit Government to conduct a survey on children in the age group of 6 to 14 years, who have been deprived from free and compulsory education. It is estimated that there are 61.5 thousand children in the Capital, who have been deprived of free and compulsory education.

    Mr Singh, who had written Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on May 28, urging her to take appropriate steps to identify the children. The HRD Minister also urged Ms Dikshit to take steps to provide free and compulsory education to them.

    Sources in the Government told The Pioneer that Ms Dikshit has ordered the Education Department to launch a special drive through anganwadi, to identify such children. The Government is considering to launch such drive from July 1. Sources also disclosed that they have suggested that the Central Government should allow them to use funds to generate awareness campaign in this regard.

    The Government is pushing ahead with the idea of setting up education guarantee centres or alternative schools to provide education to children living in rural areas under a modified bill that envisages free and compulsory education to children in the age group of six to 14 years, the sources added.

    The modified Free and Compulsory Education Bill, 2004, provides Central Government framing schemes for setting up such schools, known as "transitional schools", as an interim arrangement till the children living in habitation with poor access and out-of-school were provided education in a Government school. The Government may also approve a scheme framed by any person, body or institution for setting up transitional schools for the purpose and every child studying in such schools shall be enabled to study in a Government school as early as possible, according to the draft bill which would be circulated to chief ministers and political leaders to elicit their views.

    The transitional arrangements for education of children living in areas with poor access and out-of-school children was needed as it would not be possible to implement free and compulsory education under the existing facilities. For helping children with special needs to study in normal schools, the draft bill vests power with the municipalities and panchayats to direct any nearest recognised school to admit a child if there was no Government school within a certain distance. Similarly, if there is a special school within the prescribed distance from the residence of the child, the local authorities could order the special school to admit such a child.

    Prohibiting physical punishment in recognised schools, the bill said that violation of this provision by a teacher shall amount to professional misconduct and shall be liable to be punished in accordance with the disciplinary rules applicable to him.
  • 5. More than 8 lakh children not enrolled in school: Survey
    Asian Age, 09.09.2003

    By Our Correspondent

    New Delhi, Sept. 8: As the world celebrated International Literacy Day on Monday, the capital still has at least 8.48 lakh children in the age group of 0-14 who are not enrolled in schools, according to a survey presented by the state education director Rajendra Kumar.

    Out of total population of 29.68 lakh children in the age group of 0-14 in the capital, only 21.4 lakh were enrolled in school leaving 29 per cent of the children in this age group out of school. This fact has come to the light in a survey conducted under universilisation of elementary education mission by the state education department of the Delhi government.

    While the highest rate of students not enrolled in this age group were in Northwest district with 28 per cent, it was followed by upscale South district with localities like Defence Colony and Hauz Khas with 17 per cent of children out of school, the survey said.

    The lowest was in New Delhi district with one per cent not enrolled there, the survey said.

    Talking to the reporters, the Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit said: "It is not the final data but it is fairly good indicator of the situation in the national capital."

    "Now the education department of the Delhi government will do its best to improve the condition," she said. The chief minister further said: "The plan for carrying out these activities in a phased manner is under preparation. This will ensure there is no sudden strain on the school education system and our children are not deprived of quality learning at any point in time."

    "The education department in association with the MCD will work hard to improve the quality of education in the city also," she said on a very optimistic note.
  • 6. Letter of 23.06.2004
    As per a news report in Daily Pioneer, Union and Delhi government are urging one another to urge students to enroll, while failing to create according to statutory DMP equal access schooling opportunities, and references to the NDA Bill also continue. Letter to Secretary MoHRD...
  • 7. PM appreciates Delhi Govt's move on poor students
    Rajesh Kumar / New Delhi
    Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has appreciated the Delhi Government's move to implement Delhi High Court's order to admit 25 per cent poor students in their respective school. The Prime Minister has asked Lieutenant Governor BL Joshi to furnish details about the reservation of seats for under privileged children and action plan of the State Government.

    Mr Joshi on Thursday called Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, City Education Minister Arvinder Singh Lovely and sought details on the reservation of seats for under privileged children in unaided public schools and how the Government will implement it. Speaking to The Pioneer, Mr Lovely said that Prime Minister was keen to know about how the Government plans to implement it and the response of the schools. Mr Lovely said that the Prime Minister has appreciated the Delhi Government's move to implement the court orders to admit 25 per cent poor students in unaided public schools across the Capital.

    Mr Lovely said that the department has informed that action would be taken against those who defy the court order. "All the public schools will have to admit 25 per cent poor students in their respective schools as per the undertaking given by them to the Government at the time of allotment of land for school buildings," said Mr Lovely. He said that the Government will also provide monetary help to these under-privileged children.

    A division bench comprising Justice BC Patel and Justice BD Ahmed had given four months time to the Delhi Government and the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to see that 25 per cent students from weaker sections of the society are admitted to recognised private unaided schools which were granted land at concessional rates. The High Court's directions came on a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) Social Jurist.

    The petitioner counsel Ashok Aggarwal had brought to the notice of the High Court that out of the 1,500 unaided recognised private schools in Delhi and over 1200 schools were allotted public land at throwaway prices. The petitioner also submitted that while land was granted to the schools at concessional rates by the DDA, it was binding upon the schools to fill up 25 per cent of the seats with children from the underprivileged section of the society. The petitioner alleged that none of the schools compiled with this condition. More than 1200 private unaided schools have been given land at concessional rates by the Delhi Development Authority
  • 8. Joshi reviews poor students’ quota in schools
    By Our Correspondent

    New Delhi, June 24: Delhi lieutenant-governor B.L. Joshi held a review meeting on Thursday to ensure that children of the economically weaker section were granted admissions in the various schools which had been allotted land at concessional rates.

    The meeting was attended by chief minister Sheila Dikshit, education minister Arvinder Singh Lovely and top education department officials. Mr Joshi is learnt to have asked the government about the ways and means to ascertain the implementation of this norm.

    Mr Lovely told the L-G that instructions have been issued to all the schools which have been granted land at throwaway prices to stick to the court orders of providing admissions to students from the economically weaker section. "In a recent meeting with the Public Schools Federation, it was made clear that no violation would be tolerated," he said. Besides, education officers would be assigned the task of ensuring that the quota was confirmed and in case of any default, they too would be made accountable along with the erring schools, he added.

    The Delhi high court had on April 21 given strong directions to the Delhi government to publish in newspapers the list of un-aided private schools, which have failed to discharge the obligation of admitting a fixed percentage of children from weaker sections. As per an high court order, schools allotted land at a throwaway price were obliged to give admission to children of poor families.

    In its order, the court had even told the directorate to frame rules for those schools where the fixed percentage of freeship and admission was not specified in their allotment letters .
  • 9. Unsettled life in Bawana resettlement colony
    By Bindu Shajan Perappadan
    NEW DELHI, JULY 5 . As many as 17 people, including 12 children, have died here in the Bawana resettlement colony -- where people from the Yamuna Pushta area were recently relocated -- in a matter of three months, reportedly due to waterborne diseases and unhygienic living conditions. (Retrieved 19th December, 2012)
  • 10. Sub: Request for immediate discussion on Lal Khet resettlement
    To question imminent resettlement from Lal Khet to Bawana, wrt news report of unnatural deaths, including of children, amongst those resettled there from Pushta and wrt matters pending in court, etc - to DDA Vice Chairman, with copy to LG / DDA Chairman and Secretary MoUD; also sent with subsequent letters to President, NAC Chairperson and CVC, whose offices forwarded them as per letters of, respectively, 03.08.04, 26.08.04 and 06.09.04.
  • 11. Enrolment drive to focus on dropouts
    By Our Staff Reporter
    NEW DELHI, JULY 7. To enhance awareness about education and bridge social, regional and gender gaps, the Delhi Government has decided to launch a "Dakhila Abhiyan'' (Enrolment Drive) in the Capital. (Retrieved 19th December, 2012)
  • 12. [eebill] High Court Order of 09.07.2004 re free seats
  • 13. Demolition of Modern Public School in Rangpuri Pahari on 27.07.04 / WP 4978/2002, WP 8954-9/2003 and Demolition proposed in Lal Khet on 29.07.04 / WP 4978/2002, WP 8523/2003
    MPISG complaint to DCP (SW) and others about demolition of school on evening of 27.07.04 and proposed demolition in Lalkhet on 29.07.04.
  • 14. source:
  • 15. [eebill] FW: Education Bill 2004
  • 16. Legislation soon to make education free, compulsory
    By Our Special Correspondent
    CHENNAI, AUG. 3. The Union Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram, today said that the United Progressive Alliance Government would shortly bring in legislation making education free and compulsory. (Retrieved 19th December, 2012)
  • 17. [eebill] FW: Article by Ashok Agarwal
  • 18. New policy on land for schools
    DDA To Allot Institutional Land Through Open Auction
    NEW DELHI: Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has framed a new policy to allot institutional land to schools.

    Since running schools is increasingly becoming a lucrative business, DDA is planning to auction off land to schools rather than allot on concessional rates. (Retrieved 19th December, 2012)
  • 19. 'The Pursuit Of Truth' - President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's address to the nation on the eve of 58th Independence Day
  • 20. Prime Minister's address to the nation on the 58th Independence Day
  • 21. "Uncharitable Hospital Trust"
    Letters of February 2002 following harassment of tea vendor by a charitable trust management owning a freshly constructed unutilized building on site meant for hospital in Vasant Kunj and news report of 19.08.04.
  • 22. News report in Hindustan Times, 19.08.2004
    Vasant Kunj ‘charitable’ hospital for sale

    Aruna P. Sharma, New Delhi, August 19

    A charitable hospital for which DDA had allotted land for a mere couple of lakhs in Vasant Kunj is up for sale for Rs 45 crore.

    The builder who has taken over the trust to which the land had been allotted, is demanding Rs 45 crore in outright purchase or Rs 45 lakh minimum guarantee for rental per month, alleged doctors and hospital administrators who have been negotiating with the builder.

    The hospital, located near the B-1 residential sector in Vasant Kunj was completed in three years. The plot on which the hospital was built was allotted in the name of a trust for a sum of Rs 1.97 lakh, DDA sources said. But the hospital is not functional as yet.

    M K Tiwari, a resident of B-1 Vasant Kunj said the hospital was meant to be a charitable hospital. Until a few days back a board saying 200-bedded charitable hospital was on display outside the building. He complained that if the hospital is run on commercial lines then the very purpose of allotting land for providing low cost services, is defeated.

    Vice-chairman of Vasant Kunj federation of RWAs, Dr Avtar Krishan said the nearest hospital for Vasant Kunj residents is the Spinal Injuries Centre and the Holy Angels hospital which is in Vasant Vihar. Dr Krishan said when the trustees had fallen apart, a builder, Sarin, was roped in.

    DDA Lands Disposal Commissioner R.K. Singh said the agency had issued showcause notice to the hospital last Friday for transfer of trustees, constructing basement in excess of the permissible limit and constructions in the setbacks. He said the DDA will take action as per the lease terms.
  • 23. DDA's hospital move may cut the poor out
    NEW DELHI: The poor can say goodbye to free treatment at the Capital's high-end hospitals. After debating the issue of providing free beds and out-patients facilities to the poor, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has decided to take money from Escorts hospital and bail it out of providing free treatment. (Retrieved 19th December, 2012)
  • 24. Govt objects to DDA's land policy
    NEW DELHI: Delhi government has expressed objections to a new policy of auctioning institutional land for schools. The policy formulated by the DDA is with the Lieutenant Governor for consideration. At present, land is allotted on concessional rates by DDA on recommendations of the Delhi government. (Retrieved 19th December, 2012)
  • 25. Health and education facilities – land policy initiatives
    10 questions about land "policy" initiatives for health and education facilities, notably the decision to accept Escorts' offer of 50 crores to "get rid of" lease conditions for free beds.
  • 26. NCMP subversion: Health and education facilities
    PIL-driven discourse about free beds and free seats has achieved in 2003-2004 what was unthinkable or at least unspeakable – managers of noble professions of healthcare and education ignobly violating the law of land have declared that they would rather be mercenary than noble and the state, having for long made clear that it could not care less, has stooped in the week after Independence Day to negotiating the fee for abrogating nobility, bargain price for selling the city’s health and education resources to those who have been violating health and education rights of citizens with impunity. Before pushing further its mercenary interpretations of facility and charity, untenable in law or sense, this historic discourse might want to consider how history will judge it.
  • 27. Details of govt schools, now a click away
    NEW DELHI: Keeping track of 10 lakh students and 34,000 teachers can be quite a challenge. The Delhi government's education department has decided to take it up. These details and more will soon be available on the education department's official website. (Retrieved 19th December, 2012)
  • 28. Student shortage forces closure of 53 government schools
    Hindustan Times, 08.09.2004
    Chetan Chauhan

    New Delhi, September 8

    Facing a shortage of students, the Directorate of Education has decided to close down 53 government schools, many of which are in old Delhi. This is in addition to 55 schools already closed so far.

    Senior Directorate of Education official, said, the students studying in these schools will be merged with other government schools in the nearby areas. "We will ensure that boys are sent to boy schools and girls to girl schools, so that the students don't face any problem," an official said. A few months ago, boys of a Lajpat Nagar school had protested against merger of a girl's school with theirs.

    Most of the schools being closed are in the morning shift and are upto middle level. "The number of students in these schools are less than 300. In some of the schools the number of teachers are high," an official said. Some of these schools are also being run in rented accommodation.

    Many of the schools, which are being closed, are in the old Delhi area. "We have seen a steady decline in enrollment in the government schools. There are senior secondary schools like the one in Gale Bharf Wali where the students are double the number of teachers," an official said. There has been dip of 25-30 per cent population in old city in the past one decade as the area has quickly turned into a trading centre.

    Officials say the closure of schools helps the Directorate in two ways. Firstly, the teachers can be posted in schools having a few teachers. Secondly, there is saving on annual expenditure of maintenance and repairs.

    But the money saved may not be enough to build new classrooms. The directorate estimates that it requires 2,234 additional classrooms in 2004 to accommodate the students.

    Short supply

    Govt Senior Sec. School, at Kinari Bazar: 47

    Secondary School Sushila Mohan Marg: 50

    Girl & Boys Senior Secondary Molar Bandh: 55

    Girls and Boys Middle School at Paharganj: 71

    Girls and Boys middle school at Lancer Road: 279
  • 29. source:
  • 30. "Policy" to steal from children DMP land for schools
    There is a news report about “policy”, under consideration of LG on recommendation of sub-group on social infrastructure for >DMP-2021, to allow Nursery schools in homes and change norms for schools in general. The report suggests this is yet another one for exciting “mixed-land-use”. It is not. It is shameless (besides illegal, without jurisdiction, etc) bid to rob children.
  • 31. Schools
  • 32. source:
  • 33. Schools get notice for not reserving seats
    Shruti Maheshwari
    New Delhi, September 10

    The Delhi government has served show-cause notices on several prominent schools, who haven't reserved 20 per cent of their seats for weaker sections of the society.

    Greenfields Public School-GTB Enclave, Guru Harkrishan Public School-Shahdara, Mirambika Free Progress School, Laxman Public School-Hauz Khas, Delhi Public School-Mathura Road, Delhi Public School-Vasant Kunj and Amity International School-Saket are among those who have got notices from the Delhi Directorate of Education. They have 15 days to file replies.

    As many as 81 show-cause notices were issued on September 9 because these schools hadn't admitted the required number of students till July 31.

    "If the replies are not satisfactory, appropriate action leading up to de-recognition could also be taken," said Delhi education director Rajendra Kumar.

    In the details furnished before the High Court on Wednesday, the directorate has divided defaulting schools into two categories. As many as 56 schools that haven't given any data about admissions have been served with show-cause notices. Twenty-five schools that have filled the quota partially have been labeled "major defaulters", and they too have got notices.

    Modern School-Vasant Vihar, Mother's International School, Carmel Convent-Chanakyapuri, Modern School-Barakhamba, Ryan International School, St, Xaviers Sr. Sec School-Raj Niwas Marg, Presentation Convent Sr. Sec. School-SP Mukherjee Marg and St. Columbas School-Ashok Place are in the first category. Private and unaided schools admitted 42,080 students after the government made reservation compulsory.

    Of these, 7,698 admissions were under the quota — almost 1,700 short of the desired figure.

    Some defaulters

    DPS, Vasant Kunj Block C, admitted one pupil under quota of 193 admi-ssions — defaulted by 37

    Amity International, Saket, admitted 15 in 248 — defaulted by 49

    Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden, admitted 3 in 158 — defaulted by 31

    Birla Vidya Niketan, Pus-hp Vihar, admitted none in 53 — defaulted by 10
  • 34. School scamster, gullible parents

    The Economic Offences Wing has arrested a man for duping 10 people of nearly Rs 30 lakh on the false assurance of securing admission for their children in prominent unaided schools in Delhi.

    Praveen Khanna (40) reportedly duped gullible parents by claiming to have high contacts in schools like Modern School, DPS, Springdales, Sanskriti and others.Khanna was arrested following a complaint by Viraj Singh, who paid him Rs 3 lakh for his son's admission.

    Khanna reportedly approached Singh and convinced him that he could get his son into Modern School. He showed Singh several documents purportedly written by a trustee of the school's managing committee to convince him that he could get the job done. He also showed him letters from ministries and school authorities.

    Several meetings followed but Singh later met the school authorities and realised he had been conned.If the child — by merit or chance — got admission, Khanna charged the parents another Rs 50,000 as commission. If the admission wasn't secured, he kept dilly-dallying till the parents gave up.

    If they persisted, he threatened them by producing false summons issued by the EOW. On a few occasions, he paid back some of the money after making a final settlement.

    Deputy commissioner of police (EOW) Dinesh Bhatt Khanna said the police was probing the possibility of the involvement of various school authorities.
  • 35. [mpisgmedia] enrollment drives, mobile schools, schools shut
  • 36. source:
  • 37. Pvt schools issued show-cause notice
    Daily Pioneer, 13.09.2004
    Staff Reporter/ New Delhi

    The Delhi Government has issued show-cause notices to 56 private unaided schools in the Capital for failing to comply with its order to provide 25 percent freeship to economically weak students.

    Declaring the list of the 56 schools in a report filed before the Delhi High Court, the Delhi Government clarified that efforts were being made to identify those schools who are failing to supply information with regard to freeship or are defaulting by filling the quota only partially.

    As part of this effort, the Delhi Government has identified 25 major defaulters in the latter category which are grossly falling short of the required 25 percent freeship have also been issued notices in this regard. Some of the top schools named in this category include Delhi Public School (Mathura Road), Modern School (Vasant Vihar), Guru Harikrishan Public School and St Xaviers School.

    The division bench of Chief Justice BC Patel and Justice BD Ahmed took cognizance of the report and asked the petitioner's counsel Ashok Aggarwal to prepare a detailed reply on this list. The bench further asked the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) to file their compliance report in this regard.

    The list of 56 schools has been issued notices by the the Delhi Government include St Columbas, Modern School (Barakhamba Road), Carmel Convent, St Anthony's School, Mothers International, New Greenfield School, DPS (RK Puram), Ryan International (Khondli), Presentation Convent, St Xaviers (Raj Niwas Marg),and Guru Harkrishan Public School (Palam) among others.

    Following a petition filed by Social Jurist, an NGO, the court had issued orders in January this year directing the Delhi Government to ensure strict implementation of 25 percent freeship to students of weaker sections of the society in such schools which had obtained land from DDA and Land and Development Officer (L&DO) on concessional rates.

    Meanwhile, the L&DO has also submitted a report before the court stating that out of the nine schools which were found to violate the allotment clause, six schools had been issued show-cause notices. The DDA has also stated that it has initiated action against erring schools. The list is expected to be tabled in the court before this month.
  • 38. DDA wants 2 schools derecognised for failing to provide freeship
    Daily Pioneer, 15.09.2004
    Staff Reporter/ New Delhi

    The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has asked the Delhi Government to derecognise two schools in the Capital for their failure to provide 25 per cent freeship to poor students as per their allotment clause.

    Recording the same facts in an affidavit filed before the division bench of Chief Justice BC Patel and Justice BD Ahmed of the Delhi High Court, the DDA stated that appropriate action as per the law was being initiated against Green Fields Public School (Dilshad Garden) and Vikas Education Society (Vikas Puri).

    The DDA has issued show cause notices to 131 schools, while action has already been initiated against the two schools for flouting the allotment conditions , on which the land was given at concessional rates to the schools .

    The lease/allotment of both the schools has been cancelled, while eviction proceedings have already been initiated against Green Fields School. The Vikas Education Society, however, has obtained a stay order from the High Court. For operation of eviction against it, the DDA has asked the Delhi Government to apprise the court of the same and vacate the stay orders.

    The court had been seized of a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by Social Jurist, an NGO which had sought court's intervention to take action against all such schools which were failing to provided education to poor students as required under their allotment deal.

    On July 9, the court had directed the DDA to file a compliance report in this matter.

    The DDA had been regularly seeking information from the 131 schools which were sent notices.

    The Delhi Government had earlier issued notices to 56 schools and the Land And Development Officer of the Centre had informed on the previous date of hearing that notices had been shot to six among the nine erring schools under their jurisdiction, which were found to be violating the freeship conditions.
  • 39. Child care centre closure decried
    By Our Staff Reporter
    NEW DELHI, OCT. 3. Activists are up in arms against the closure of the "drop-in centre'' at Hanuman Mandir near Connaught Place housing more than 50 children in need of care. While 25 of these children belonged to the non-government organisation Prayas, the other 25 belonged to the Salaam Balak Trust. The shelter was being run by the Joint Apex Committee which was formed a couple of years ago to find ways and means to create facilities for the poor and the homeless. It was headed by the Additional Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and senior New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) officials were, among others, its members. (Retrieved 19th December, 2012)
  • 40. Public Notice of September 2004
    proposal to modify DMP to "regularize" metro property development come up illegally on the riverbed
  • 41. Panel to ensure free treatment
    NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday formed an expert committee to overcome the administrative pitfalls so that persons of weaker sections of the society are not deprived of free treatment. The panel was form-ed in the wake of the deteriorating facilities towar-ds which the high court's attention was drawn. (Retrieved 19th December, 2012)
  • 42. source:
  • 43. source:
  • 44. source:
  • 45. Handbill
    Public meeting on free seats at Palam on 24.10.2004, image received via e-mail of 18.10.2004 from Ashok Agarwal.
  • 46. MCD schools' merger on
    NEW DELHI: The MCD has proposed to merge 33 of its primary schools, being run all over the city. The corporation said these schools should be merged with other schools in the same locality, as the number of students studying here is drastically low. The MCD says this will mean that unnecessary duplication of services does not take place. (Retrieved 19th December, 2012)
  • 47. Low enrollment forces MCD to merge schools
    Staff Reporter/ New Delhi
    Keeping in view the steady fall in the number of students enrolled in schools run by it, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) Standing Committee decided to merge 33 schools on Wednesday.

    The resolution was passed after low enrollment in primary schools run by the MCD was reported to the Standing Committee. The Standing Committee decided that it was a waste of money to run such schools as the staff was being paid full salary despite its under-utilisation.

    The MCD Commissioner in a letter to the Standing Committee mentioned that the low turnout of students was primarily due to the shifting of population from one area on account of commercialisation of the area.

    According to the Commissioner, there was enough space in the schools to accommodate the extra students from the schools closed by the MCD. Also, the staff which would be rendered surplus by the move would be posted to other schools in the zone which had vacancies.

    However, the committee did not mentioned any financial implications in the proposals. In the last five years about 53 schools have been merged.

    This year three schools in the central zone, five in Shahdhara zone, six in West zone, four in Karol Bagh zone, three in city zone, two in South zone and nine in Civil zone have been merged.

    In another development, keeping in view the arrival of winter, the Standing Committee passed the resolution regarding the free distribution of jerseys to the children studying in MCD primary schools.

    The corporation also passed the proposal that two sets of school uniforms would be given to the students. For the boys, the winter uniform would consist of cloth for two shirts, two shorts and one trouser. Similarly, the girl students would be provided with two sets of uniform comprising of cloth for two kotis and two shirts.

    The Standing Committee was informed by the Education Committee that the enrollment in MCD schools in the ensuing academic session is expected to be to the tune of 9.5 lakh and the present ratio of boys and girls in MCD schools is 51:49
  • 48. Protest against MCD school merger plan
    HT Correspondent, New Delhi, October 22

    The decision of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) to merge its 33 primary schools for reasons of low-enrolment has drawn flak from the BJP, which has alleged that the move aims at keeping the poor financial position of the Corporation under wraps.

    BJP leader Vijender Kumar Gupta, a councillor from Rohini, said that the move would deprive nearly 1300 children in his ward between the age-group of 6-14 years of their constitutional right to primary education. He alleged that the enrollment figures in the Corporation primary schools have been kept on the lower side deliberately.

    "Of the 20,998 sanctioned posts for assistant primary teachers, 3022 posts have not been filled up. Same is the case with nursery teachers — of the 1420 posts, 101 posts are lying empty,” he said.
  • 49. Playgrounds may soon be things of past
    Shruti Maheswari, New Delhi, October 22

    New schools coming up in Delhi might have to use parks as playgrounds. A DDA proposal, which wants to "further reduce the plot size for all schools while making new allotments", could mean smaller green areas or possibly no playgrounds.

    New schools might get less land than they had asked for. "An application for a 8,000-sq. m. plot would be allotted just 6,000 sq. m., of which 4000 sq. m. should be the built-up area. The remainder would accommodate the parking lot and a green patch," said a senior DDA official.

    The proposal will bring land allotment norms at par with CBSE's bye-laws for granting affiliation, said officials. CBSE requires that a secondary school have a "minimum" of 2,000 sq. m. land, senior secondary school (with two streams) 3,000 sq. m. and senior secondary school (with all streams) 4,000 sq. m.

    "The government has set aside 400 acres for parks in Rohini and Dwarka and over 500 acres for a golf course near Burari, but it has no land for children," said an applicant, who wants to build a new school.

    "A cricket or a hockey field requires four acres. In such small schools, 2,000 students will not even be able to stand together for their morning assembly," he said.

    CBSE requires "adequate ground to create outdoor facilities for a 200-m track, kabaddi, kho-kho and volley ball", but it does not deem it necessary for schools to have their own playgrounds. "We see if a school has a playground nearby," said a CBSE official.
  • 50. Manmohan, GoM get cracking with the Games
    Rajesh Kumar / New Delhi

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will soon convene a meeting of Group of Ministers (GoM) to take stock of preparations for the 2010 Commonwealth Games to be held here. A core committee, comprising representatives of the Union Urban Development Ministry, the Delhi Government and the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), is to be set up by the Government to oversee the implementation of infrastructure relating to the Games.

    "The decks have been cleared for the construction of the Commonwealth Games village on the banks of the Yamuna. The Supreme Court's refusal to grant stay on the construction of the Akshardham temple on the Yamuna river bed cleared all doubts about the location of the Games village," said the sources.

    On the other hand, the Delhi Government's core committee for the 2010 Games, under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary S Reghunathan, met early this week. At the meeting, departments like the DDA, the Delhi Jal Board (DJB), the Airports Authority of India (AAI), the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), the Public Works Department (PWD), the Northern Railway, power companies, and Environment and Transport Departments have been directed to submit a comprehensive action plan and finance needed for developing infrastructure.

    Sources said that the Chief Secretary, who had been to Athens this summer to study the infrastructure of the Olympic Games, has submitted a report to Lieutenant-Governor BL Joshi. The AAI has been asked to upgrade the passengers' and aircraft handling facilities at the international airport. Similarly, the Northern Railway has been asked to submit a report on better infrastructure and connecting service to the city.

    The Transport Department is to come up with a comprehensive plan for a modern transport system, including elevated corridors on ring roads, a high capacity bus service, sky buses, an electric trolley system and state-of-the-art buses. It is learnt that Transport Secretary Rajiv Talwar, who had gone to Columbia to study Bogota's high-capacity buses, apprised the core committee of his experience and submitted a report.

    The Power Department has been asked to submit a report on the need of the city by the 2010 and how it will plan to cater to the demands of the Games and the people. It is learnt that the Power Department has suggested setting up of a new plant just for the Games village.

    The road-owning agencies like the MCD, the NDMC and the PWD have been told to submit a report each on having modern roads, the kind of technology to be used and relaying the arterial roads. The DDA has been asked to expedite allotment of land for setting up five-star hotels and budget hotels.
  • 51. Bio-diversity parks to boost Delhi's eco-system
    Sonia Sarkar/ New Delhi

    The lost eco-system on the flood plains and the wetlands of the Yamuna river basin and the semi-arid biotic communities of the Aravalis will soon be visible again in parts of the Capital. In a joint initiative with the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), the Centre for Environmental Management of Degraded Eco-systems (CEMDE) of Delhi University (DU) is developing two bio-diversity parks - one near Wazirabad and the other between Vasant Vihar and Vasant Kunj.

    To be spread over a sprawling 157 acres near Wazirabad, the unique bio-diversity park is aimed at recreating the native species of the Yamuna river basin. At present the park comprises varieties of plant communities including hard wickia, mixed deciduous, sub-tropical deciduous, mixed semi-evergreen, sal and teak forests. This also includes the fruit orchards including 500 types of fruit yielding trees and two wetlands harbouring at least 20 species of fish.

    This would be extended to 330 acres more in an adjoining area of the park in the next few years.

    "Our target is to create 30 native plant communities and other biotic communities and we also want to bring all the birds, who once migrated to the Yamuna river basin, back," said Dr A Joshi, one of the two scientists who is working with the CEMDE on the project costing Rs 18 crore.

    The migratory birds like sand pipers, wagtails, swallows, dapchicks and coots are frequently visible on the wetlands. And interestingly, both the wetlands have been artificially created to provide habitat for different kinds of birds.

    "One of the two wetlands covering 1.8 km is shallow and marshy with lots of grasslands surrounding it, which acts as a shelter for some birds. While the other covering two and a half hectares is a deep and open which would provide habitat for birds, who need space to land and take off," said Mr V Gagote, who too is associated with CEMDE in the project.

    It was through the natural mechanism, the unwanted salts were recycled through succession and the barren land was transformed into a productive one.

    "It was very difficult to grow any kind of vegetation owing to the alkaline soil and even the water level at the wetland dipped low as the water was saline," said Dr Joshi. "Therefore, we used two different types of grass called viteveria  and  captochloa  as the remedial measure to change the pitch of the soil and make it feasible for other plants to grow," he said.

    This park will also have a special centre called  Nature Interpretation Centre , which would act as a guide to the bio-diversity park.

    The park replicating the bio-communities of the Aravali range at a sprawling 700 acres at Vasant Kunj, however is yet to be developed but likely to be opened to the public in a year's time.

    "The mission of the parks is to serve as a repository and heritage of the biodiversity of both the Yamuna river and Aravali with ecological, cultural and educational benefits to the urban society," said Professor C R Babu, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University.
  • 52. Public Notice of September 2004, Op. cit.
  • 53. Requests for views of "official" NCMP minders,
    PMO, UPA-Left CC, NAC
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  • 55. [mpisg] facilities
    PIL against allotment/use of schools sites in violation of DMP / for enforcement of DMP equal access neighbourhood school system, in continuation of substantive engagements since 2000, filed in December 2003 in view of imminent orders in simplistic PIL and discourse on education Bill (allowed on 27/10/2004 with directions for rectification of violations in 12 weeks)