Most industries in Delhi face closure by deadlines starting 07.09.04 set by Supreme Court order of 07.05.04 arising from orders since 1995 or, more accurately, from failure in spite of them to solve the problem of units in places not meant for them with space meant for them under Delhi Master Plan (DMP). National Common Minimum Programme (NCMP) provided a window of opportunity to view the court’s deadline as one for enforcing the DMP solution. With inertial initiatives headed to closing units in unlawful ways, this window is closing.


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Smt Sonia     Gandhi 
Chairperson, NAC
10, Janpath
New Delhi – 110001
Sub: Industries     in Delhi facing closure in name of Supreme Court orders 

Dear Madam,

I am enclosing herewith a note about Delhi’s industries for consideration of NAC in its deliberations about manufacturing, employment and perhaps also governance and would deeply appreciate NAC’s view on the same.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely


Gita Dewan Verma / Planner

cc: for intervention

  • PMO, in continuation of letter of 25.06.04 (enclosed for ready reference), with request for favour of perusal by Prime Minister
  • Mr A Samuel, Under Secretary, President’s Secretariat (with request for President’s intervention in view of no response from MoUD to letters about Delhi Master Plan violations kindly forwarded for appropriate action by yourself on 11.02.04 and 18.06.04)
  • Mr K Chakraborty, Deputy Secretary, Lok Sabha Secretariat (with request for urgent hearing by Standing Parliamentary Committee on response to public notice of 22.06.04 inviting views on functioning of DDA pursuant to DDA scam)

cc: with request for comment and for arranging discussion if you consider it appropriate

  • School of Planning and Architecture (DoPP), wrt especially to M-Zone studio in 2003
  • Federation of Industries of India, wrt especially to proposal of discussion with SPA, etc   
  • Delhi Science Forum, wrt DSF publication, etc, in the matter