To clarify to Left leaders the problems with GNCTD ideas and to seek from central government s.41 direction against GNCTD interference till he has drawn up an action plan for lawful compliance through DMP solution.

Dear Mr Jain,

As per the ToI news item GNCT has more ideas for “policy” / “comprehensive plan”. Perhaps DDA could clarify, especially to former PM and Left leaders whom this appears intended to placate, the following:

  • why have the 1100 plots not been offered to units earlier and why are only 800 on offer even now
  • why is commercial space for small units not being offered even as deadline for B&C is imminent
  • why are commercially misused industrial plots against which orders were passed in 2002 not on offer
  • why are industrial plots with post-90 F-category units not on offer after shutting those units
  • why is sub-division, not permissible in law, being proposed as policy
  • why are redevelopment options as per DMP not on offer alongside relocation options
  • why were units previously rejected even as total numbers are as per Delhi Master Plan estimates
  • how are these being reconsidered while clarification of DMP conformity of Bawana is pending
  • why is GNCT, with neither authority nor competence vis-à-vis DMP, ‘in charge’ even as DDA is also on Monitoring Committee and anyway duty-bound to ensure DMP compliance, also in view of NCMP commitments for industries / employment (reiterated in PM’s ‘rozgar barhao’ slogan) and also for accountability (on implementation failure / diversion of over 2000 Ha DMP industrial space)
  • how is GNCT even acting against misuse, a responsibility / power that vests in DDA, which appears not even to have duly identified units in violation of DMP / ZDP for closure (you would recall that in 2000 DDA Chairman had noted possibility / implications of action without establishing violation).

I have sent you many letters and also copy of my s.11A response (raising the above points) suggesting compliance through statutory DMP solution and that government defend in public debate any alternative ‘plan’ against that option / imperative. In face of arbitrary closures and ‘anti-DMP’ political consensus even with no better ideas from anywhere, I urge you, also for credibility of our profession, to seek s.41 direction from MoUD against interference by GNCT (represented on Authority) till you have an action plan for lawful compliance via DMP solution. Gita Dewan Verma, Planner


  • PMO (in continuation of request of 02.10.04)
  • Standing Parliamentary Committee Sect (for hearing of response to notice of 22.06.03 re DDA scam)
  • Secretary MoUD (for hearing of response to s.11A notice of 21.06.04 - household industries)
  • Shri VP Singh, Shri Sitaram Yechury, Shri D Raja (for information)

Industry worker dies, protesters spit fire, Times of India, 02.10.20041

  • 1. Industry worker dies, protesters spit fire, Times of India, 02.10.2004
    SDM’s Team Pushed Victim, Allege Owners; Officials Deny

    New Delhi: An industry worker died following a heart attack on Friday afternoon at Rampura in Trinagar area, when identification of polluting industries was being carried out by the area sub-divisional magistrate (SDM). Unit owners blocked Rohtak road and the railway line in protest and the police had to lathicharge the mob.

    The victim, Mam Chand (45) operated a lathe machine. The incident occurred at around 1:30 pm, when a team comprising the SDM, officials of NDPL, DJB accompanied by area police were in the process of disconnecting water and electricity connections of F category industries.

    Accusations were flying thick and fast. While industrialists alleged that the SDM’s team had pushed the victim, the Delhi government stated the SDM’s team was not present on the spot when the incident occurred.

    “After surveying 24 industries, the team had disconnected the electricity supply of 8 F category industries. While the team members were at the premises of a plastic ball manufacturer, they heard that someone had died of a heart attack… there was no interaction between the survey team and the deceased,” a Delhi government statement said. It was after this that the team is said to have visited the spot. The activity was subsequently called off.

    Earlier last month, an industry owner collapsed following a heart attack and later died while protesting against the closure of industries in Vishwas Nagar in east Delhi.

    The victim, Deepak Bhatia (42), ran a printing press in the area. Here, too, police had to resort to lathicharge to control the crowd.

    Meanwhile, with the October 7 deadline for F category industries drawing near, the government made it clear it will not approach the Court on the issue. “We do not have a convincing argument. We will just implement the court orders,” industries minister Mangat Ram Singhal said on Friday.

    The government had earlier said it will file a review petition in court, asking them for more time to regularise industrial areas with heavy concentration of industries.

    The government had, up till Thursday cut the water and electricity supply of about 1,000 industries. Almost 4,000 industries have been surveyed till now, Singhal added. The action has, understandably, irked the industry owners who allege that the government was not only taking away their livelihood, but also putting an end to Delhi’s commerce.