Sub: Request for immediate discussion on Lal Khet resettlement

To question imminent resettlement from Lal Khet to Bawana, wrt news report of unnatural deaths, including of children, amongst those resettled there from Pushta and wrt matters pending in court, etc - to DDA Vice Chairman, with copy to LG / DDA Chairman and Secretary MoUD; also sent with subsequent letters to President, NAC Chairperson and CVC, whose offices forwarded them as per letters of, respectively, 03.08.04, 26.08.04 and 06.09.04.


Vice Chairman, DDA

Sub: Request for immediate discussion on Lal Khet resettlement


There are children among the old settlements proposed to be resettled in Bawana to make way for Vasant Kunj Ph-2. While schools here are supposedly giving forms for free seats, they are being sent there, where, as per enclosed news report of deaths of 12 children even their lives, forget their studies, are not protected. DMP certainly does not allow this liberty and questions arising from it also defy answers:

  • When 25% free seats are connected to 25% EWS housing in DMP, have bhagidari ideas of government and some schools for less percentage arisen from such killer resettlement?
  • Will other children planting trees in bhagidari after uprooting these children for Biodiversity Park that is usurping DMP residential land be able to understand and explain this brand of environmentalism?
  • Will institutions building here fancy buildings on plots allotted to them on basis of essentiality certificates be able to prove their essentiality greater than life and education of these children?
  • What public interest expenditure will be made out of the proceeds of auction for crores of Malls, using this Park to sell well, after driving these children to die?

The matter of illegal resettlement for profiteering on land meant for mandatory EWS housing in this area is in court. The matter of equal access education as per DMP, which does not rest on free seats alone, in Vasant Kunj is in court. The matter of a scheme for Malls, Parks, institutions, etc, on land meant for residential Vasant Kunj Ph-2 is in court. The matter of efforts since 2000 against infringement of rights of children by unplanned housing and resettlement is before Parliamentary Standing Committee. Similar questions raised in course of Pushta evictions have yet to be answered. Request for discussion on lawful relocation options for Lal Khet have yet to be answered. Under the circumstances, the announcement that your men have made here yesterday about holding camp to send these children to Bawana, like Mall adverstisements and institution boards and Park PR, do not reflect NCMP commitments. Then shall we look for a vision of the future of these children in Madame Chief Minister’s remark in the enclosed news report of her visit to Bawana on 30 May, viz, all is well there, but for lack of crematorium and graveyard?

Kindly clarify if facilities in Bawana are adequate as per DMP standards and kindly arrange here with ‘camp’ discussion on legal housing options. Thanking you,

Gita Dewan Verma / MPISG Planner

Hon’ble LG, wrt letters of 25 June and 05 July with request again for meeting or visit
Secretary MoUD, with request to add to basis of enclosed s.41(3) application of 05 July