Bhagidari and politics in industrial closure

Letter of 27.09.2004 to PMO about SDMs seeking bhagidari-support against industries from RWAs, dissident and opposition politicians instigating protest amongst industrialists, government ignoring professional views placed before PGC or via s.11A...

Sub: NCMP - DMP convergence… urgent request re industries

Ref: My letter of 26.09.2004 (enclosed1) and developments today

Dear Ms Vidyavathi,

In the industries matter in Delhi, I have learned today:

  1. from some industries of political “assistance” for preventing closure in certain places
  2. from a professional of PGC declining to hear him on grounds of issue being sub-judice
  3. from RWAs about “bhagidaari” meetings to solicit their support against industries

At “bhagidaari” meeting today, in response to RWAs queries about what constitutes F-category, SDM seems to have mentioned automobile show-rooms and export houses (commercial not industrial uses in terms of Delhi Master Plan) as instances of uses sealed in last 2-3 days. On further queries he seems to have said he is sealing as per list provided by GNCTD Industries Department – which had brought out on 27.08.04 a full page public notice reproducing F-category list and list of SDMs and exhorting general public to provide information about the former to the latter, and is currently reportedly carrying out “scientific-survey” through some private companies (selected on basis that is unknown).

Especially with “non-bhagidaar” but professional queries and suggestions (including in response to s.11A Public Notice, representation to PGC, etc) unanswered, divisive “bhagidaari” seems to be extending now to misuse of Supreme Court orders to evict enterprises (it is already in use to evict citizens, with even a case of RWA claim of honorarium for facilitating eviction of a slum whose residents’ case seeking lawful relocation to EWS housing site, usurped by Sahara Restaurant of DDA scam fame, was in court for further such “development”, as mentioned in 1 in enclosure to enclosed letter).

Delhi Master Plan responsibilities vest in central government and Hon’ble Supreme Court has appointed DDA to the Monitoring Committee for compliance of the order for industries. It is incomprehensible how and why GNCTD, whose disdain for and complete lack of understanding of DMP solutions is as well known as its divisive bhagidaari-governance, has assumed charge of the industries matter.

I request you to kindly peruse the ‘manufacturing’ section of the NCMP-DMP minder on the web, mentioned in the enclosed letter, and, if you consider it appropriate, please give me an appointment.

Best regards

Gita Dewan Verma, Planner...

  • 1. Anomalies in GNCTD action against industries
    Excerpts from letters of 26.09.2004, with reference to letter of 23.09.2004 about illegal withdrawal of ground water and excavation / quarrying on construction of DDA/GNCTD projects started in violation of DMP / development and environment law covered by a PIL in which High Court issued notice on 22.09.2004.