Proposal for DMP modification to allow metro property development already started, including on riverbed


Published version not known, seen on DDA website and removed since. 


Two responses posted on enaction1


  • 20.02.2003: in-enaction post about inauguration by LG / DDA Chairman of metro police station at sub-notice Depot on riverbed2 
  • from in-enaction discussion thread: A young professional's poser: Is nothing sacred any more? 3
  • 07.03.2003 onwards: suggestion to start compliance of High Court order of 03.03.2003 for clearance of all riverbed encroachments with Metro Depot4
  • 25.12.2003 onwards: suggestion to shift metro / other property development seeking ridge / riverbed sites to Safdarjang / NCR5 
  • 28.01.2004: News report of Standing Parliamentary Committee visit6 > 29.01.2004: Letter7 for hearing of views on functioning of DDA invited by notice of 22.06.2003, etc (forwarded for appropriate action to Secretary MoUD as per President Secretariat letter of 11.02.2004)
  • 06.02.2004: News report of CM visit, also to u/c IT Park not covered by Public Notice8 > Connected to Pushta clearance communications
  • 13.05.2004: incorporated in response to Public Notice of April 20049
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  • 5. Safdarjang Airport Area Development
    Suggestion made, in extension of two Public Notice responses and in context of "civil-society" proposals and unsuccessful attempts at official clarifications about these, vide letter of 15.11.2003  and placed in public domain on a dedicated mail-list in December 2003.
  • 6. Panel visits Metro site
    NEW DELHI, JAN. 27. The members of Parliament's Standing Committee on Urban and Rural Development today visited the Delhi Metro Project and expressed satisfaction at the pace of progress and appreciated the new technologies adopted in the project. (Retrieved 4th July, 2013)
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  • 8. Metro coming up ahead of time
    NEW DELHI, FEB. 5. The Delhi Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit, today announced that the upcoming new Kashmere Gate-Central Secretariat underground line of the Metro Railway would be completed by June next year, a full three months ahead of the original deadline of September 2005. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation would thus be the first organisation in the Capital to "prepone rather than postpone a project". (Retrieved 4th July 2013)
  • 9. Public Notice of April 2004
    Proposal to modify dmp to, in effect, release land along the entire metro corridore from the purview of land use controls.