Urgent fax to PM to report imminent breach of NCMP, on suggestion received from PMO after calls to all official NCMP minders, with reference to preparations for Lalkhet demolition at Vasant Kunj Police Station

Dr Manmohan Singh Prime Minister of India

Sub: Imminent slum demolition in violation of National Common Minimum Program and Delhi Master Plan / DD Act, 1957

Respected Sir, I have learned at PS Vasant Kunj of proposed demolition today of old settlements collectively known as ‘Lalkhet’ in disused quarries’ area, lawful land use for which includes 39 Ha residential land, being usurped by an excessively large ‘biodiversity park’, being trumpeted as USP in advertisements for shopping malls lately auctioned while their legality was challenged in courts. The question of legality of ‘biodiversity park’ is also before the court. Despite all this and NCMP, DDA launched illegal clearance process last month, whereupon residents have repeatedly written to say they are prepared to be relocated under a lawful proposal consistent with NCMP, to report activities of touts, etc. Without any response, demolition is proposed today.

I have lodged a complaint in the police station against this/other willful development (‘needing’ willful demolition) with unaffordable ground water and seismic implications. From past experience I know that the procedural regime is such that citizens’ police complaints do not stop police from giving protection to authorities for unlawful development / demolition. I tried calling several people before I thought of bothering your office in continuation of my letter to thank you as a planner for the equity-centred elaboration of NCMP in your address to the nation. Mr Sundaram was kind enough to give me this fax number for any urgent request. I would be most grateful for any intervention / advice.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Gita Dewan Verma / Planner