Letter of 06.06.04 to Commissioner Planning for addition of NCMP-DMP note on industries to response to s.11A Public Notice for metro property develepoment

Dear Mr Jain,

As per DDA’s letter to me under reference, the ‘Industrial Group in Master Plan-2021’ had looked into and the Authority had considered and referred to the Ministry, etc, regularization ideas that I had objected to since their announcement in December 2002 and that the Hon’ble Supreme Court judgment has comprehensively rejected in its judgment 17.05.04.

In my letter under reference to you I had requested that status of Delhi Master Plan industrial space, including in commercial development, (planning data about which is expected to form basis for ongoing DMP revision) be placed included in the affidavit that was to be filed on 05.05.03. There is no reference to DMP industrial space, except in UEs, in the judgment.

I am enclosing a note that I have sent to members of the Monitoring Committee that the Hon’ble Supreme Court has appointed for compliance of its directions for industries

Especially since the Court has substantively upheld DMP process and also made adverse remark about the so-called ‘master plan guidelines’ that are guiding DDA in lieu of its statutory mandate, especially in respect of commercial development in the city, you are requested to:

  1. Include the enclosed note in my response of 13.05.04 to Public Notice for metro property development in continuation of the objection at A3(b) about land use control being illusory and suggestion at B2(a) for stoppage of so-called metro property development underway till adequate land use controls, including for mandatory industrial space, are in place for it.
  2. Respond to my contention that disposal of all commercial centres / service centres / MLU pockets, etc, very especially in Dwarka and in private development, needs to be stopped till a policy for accommodating permissible industrial units in them is in place.
  3. (Since the matter of industries has become connected to the river / riverbed) kindly reply to my letters about riverbed / Yamuna Pushta.

I am sure that you will agree that the riverbed and industrial space and low income housing space are key issues of planning responsibility and, in the emergent circumstances, will consider views responsibly expressed about them by a professional colleague with seriousness.