Master Plan Implementation Support Group, a synergy platform of citizens' groups pursuing, through due processes for public participation and redress, implementation of their DMP entitlements and against DMP violations that infringe them

RIDGE AREA updated till 16/01/2005

PIL against DMP violating government projects / for enforcement of DMP entitlements of old communities (including original land owners and 400-years-old village), filed in December 2003 in continuation of substantive engagements since 2000, including PIL in which Sultangarhi scheme was stopped and ordered inquired into and 1700 objections in response Public Notice precipitated.

Status: notice on 22/09/2004, replies not filed, illegalities continuing, listed for 23/02/2005 + responses to Public Notices for IT Park (18/09/2004) and Mahipalpur Hauz (07/11/2004) + Parliamentary Standing Committee visit - Note (05/01/2005)

RIVERBED updated till 19/01/2005

Public Notice responses to object to regularizing metro IT Park / suggest DMP solution for riverbed, in continuation of engagements since 2002 against wilful metro property development and since (court order of) 2003, and especially through Pushta clearance, for lawful clearance / relocation of all riverbed "encroachments"

Status: About 200 objections filed, construction continuing > IT Park show-cased at IITF (14/11/2004) > Demand for stopping construction, etc (08/12/2004, forwarded by President) > MCD-ActionAid Night Shelter (13/12/2004)) > DMRC moved court for directions for encroachment removal (reported, 23/12/2004) > Representation for exemplary demolition (26/12/2004) > Demolition of religious structures (29/12/2004)


Arjun Camp cases against misuse of DMP low-income housing sites (including for Sahara Restaurant of DDA scam) and stock (including for DDA's own staff housing) and sub-standard resettlement / for DMP solution to slum problem, filed in 2002 on basis of prior engagements since 2000

Status: last heard on 20/01/2005; listed for final disposal on 14/03/2005 > Orders | Summary of submissions for final hearing

COMMERCE updated till 10/06/2005

PIL against unrestricted freehold disposal of commercial facility space / for enforcement of DMP hierarchical commercial development benefits, filed in October 2002, in continuing efforts since 2001 and in view of a tender for auction, notice issued for directions for future + CVC reference (10/09/2004) + Intervention in RWA case against MCD-Manushi model-market (11/03/2005) + request for public debate with DMP-2021 sub-group on Trade & Commerce (20/05/2005) + expression of interest response to MCD Public Notice about vending committees (04/06/2005)

Status: Reply affidavit filed by DDA in PIL of 2002 (27/05/2005) | Arguments concluded, Order reserved in Manushi-MCD model-market matter (25/05/2005) | More hawker-market projects in name of policy (June 2005) | Letter of 10/06/2005 to request clarifications from concerned authorities and for information of others

FACILITIES updated till 10/06/2005

PIL against allotment/use of schools sites in violation of DMP / for enforcement of DMP equal access neighbourhood school system, in continuation of substantive engagements since 2000, filed in December 2003 in view of imminent orders in simplistic PIL and discourse on education Bill - allowed on 27/10/2004 with directions for rectification of violations in 12 weeks.

Status: + Demand for Public Notice for proposal to regularize non-conforming hospitals / substitute health facility with health insurance (07/11/2004) + efforts for dialogue with schools and authorities + non-compliance > | Note to Parliamentary Standing Committee (05/01/2005) | Petitions to President (19/01/2005 onwards) | Application for Intervention in matters between schools and authorities(28/02/2005) | Petition to Rajya Sabha to not proceed with the Education Bill / exclude Delhi from its purview(03/03/2005) | Letter to Secretary MoHRD wrt Order impleading central government (10/06/2005)

MANUFACTURING updated till 10/06/2005

Public Notice for redevelopment of industrial clusters (04.11.2004): responses to articulate redevelopment questions and parameters to strengthen the opportune shift from "regularisation" to redevelopment, on basis of sustained (tracking) engagements since 2000

Status: suggestion (alternative text) with request to test for conformity with law / Plan / other objectives and place in court with regard to sanctity of s.11A process and solution-seeking nature of PIL > follow up for hearing / replies | notification on 31/05/05 | post-notification requests

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