Letter to President from Rajinder Singh (petitioner in WP 8956/2003)

On behalf of former and present students of government school in Rangpuri Pahari, dated 01/02/2005, translated text without enclosures; forwarded to Chief Secretary GNCTD for appropriate action as per President Secretariat’s letter P2-1067459 of 04.02.2005

Respected Rashtrapati ji

Republic Day pledge of present and former students of government school Rangpuri Pahari near Vasant Kunj in the capital: “We can do it”

On the occasion of Republic Day you have spoken of an education system that inspires the spirit that “We can do it”.

We are or have been students of the 25 year old Rangpuri Pahari MCD school in which the site is half and enrolment twice the (Delhi Master Plan) standards. In the crowded environment teachers are unable to think for teaching and students for studying that “We can do it”.

The reason for less space is that on the available land nearby an illegal scheme for flats is continuing even after being stopped by court. The reason for excessive enrolment that violations getting in the way of local enrolment are continuing on planned school sites in Vasant Kunj even after court orders.

In our understanding, it is impossible to realize the constitution’s promise of education without stopping illegalities and our efforts since 2000 that have been instrumental in the above-mentioned court orders are proof that we feel “We can do this”.

But perhaps others feel that without stopping illegalities, they can do, with curious ideas of handing over government school responsibilities to non-governmental organisations or companies like Coca-Cola, the pretence of fulfilling the constitution’s promise in left-over space.

Perhaps that is why Delhi government has repeated after Republic Day its useless announcement of 20% free seats for BPL card-holders in name of the court order of January 2004 for 25% reservation for economically weaker sections, while there has been no compliance on the court order of 27.10.2004, given in our PIL, for stopping in 12 weeks the violations getting in the way of the Delhi Master Plan equal access neighbourhood school system of which this condition is a small part.

You have worried about why children and youth do not smile. But the indifference that we have faced in the capital in the last four years asks why we do not cry. Perhaps because once in a while some one like you says something that inspires again the feeling that “We can do it”.

We are enclosing a copy of the information available on the internet of our PIL, some additional information of our prior efforts and a few letters that students here have written to you on Republic Day. If you find us worthy of an opportunity for hearing, we will be able to smile not just in hope but with confidence.

Jai Hind.


Rajinder Singh

S-171/132, Rangpuri Pahari Malakpur Kohi, New Delhi – 110037