Letter, Court Matter; Resumption of Sultangarhi project: Letter for clarifications

Secretary MoUD Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi – 110011

Sub: Work on mega-housing site on Mehrauli-Mahipalpur Road

Ref: Public Notice of 15.09.02 precipitated by and judgment of 16.09.02 in WP 4978/2002


Full-scale construction is underway on the above-mentioned site since at least beginning of November. The site is part of the 56-Ha scheme that the Hon’ble High Court had ordered stopped and enquired into vide its order under reference, the scheme against which over 1700 objections were filed in response to the s.11A Public Notice under reference, the “mega-housing” scheme in which a tendering scam was later alleged, and one of the schemes challenged in WP 8523/2002 in which Hon’ble High Court issued Notice on 22.09.04.

We assume that the construction has work, inclusive of illegal boring and excavation, has official sanction and seek details of the following:

  1. DDA/MoUD approvals, including necessary Master Plan / Zonal Plan notifications
  2. Mandatory clearances from CGWA, DUAC and NCRPB, and under amended EIA notification.
  3. Concurrence of GNCTD, MCD, MoCA and DMRC in view their roles as set out in WP 8523/2003
  4. Basis for dismissal of our objections u/s.11A to change of Master Plan land use from Green Belt / ridge to residential, etc, in duly notified ground water critical area with historic water structures
  5. Outcome of vigilance enquiry into the tendering scam and CBI investigation into larger DDA scam since the implicated officers were involved in this scheme.
  6. Report of enquiry ordered by Hon’ble High Court, without which compliance of its order is not complete and work cannot resume, or so we understand.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

Gita Dewan Verma

MPISG Planner


For details of approvals / concurrence as mentioned above

  • Other respondents in WP 8523/2003 (DDA, GNCTD, MCD, MoCA, DMRC, CGWA)
  • Chief Planner, NCRPB
  • Secretary, DUAC
  • Secretary, MoEF

For information

  • CVC (wrt to mega-housing scam investigation)
  • CBI (wrt to DDA scam investigations)
  • Parliamentary Standing Committee (wrt to examination of functioning of DDA)
  • Delhi Science Forum, Petitioner in WP 4978/2002