Request for clarifications from MCD and other ULBs, etc (10/05/06)

Asst Commissioner, Central Licensing & Enforcement Cell, MCD

Nigam Bhawan, Hindu College Building, Kashmere Gate

Sub: Request for clarifications sought in letter of 24/05/051 and information of status of application of 04/06/052

Ref: News report of 07/06/05 in Sandhya Times, p.9 (‘street venderon ki rashtriya niti dilli mein bhi laagu’)

Dear Mr Sharma,

The news item under reference says that on direction of DPCC President, Mr Ram Babu Sharma, MCD has completed making Zonal / Ward Vending Committees (for which your Public Notice inviting applications for 15-days was issued only on 22/05/05) and these will decide vending sites and recommend vendors for MCD’s 25000 per zone licenses to bring wares on rickshaw, etc (all of which is not as per National Policy, etc).

It says NDMC has also adopted National Policy and will be allotting shops to 600 in Sarojini Nagar parking (not permissible, like MCD-SEWA idea3 for Asaf Ali Road parking reported in Express Newsline today with no mention of identical MCD-Manushi ‘pilot’ awaiting Court verdict or of committee that might have found the site more apposite for kabaadi bazaar that MCD has licensed in Pushta in contempt of court orders in name of which it cleared that site on 19/03/04). Instead of Sarojini Nagar vending committee, it quotes President of Pawan-Putra-Rehri-Patri-Khomcha-Sangh (associated with SEWA’s NASVI) and says details will be announced as per assurances from MLA Mr Ashok Ahuja and MP Mr Ajay Maken (who wrote letters in support of the case against identically problematic MCD-Manushi ‘pilot’, part of pleadings in WP 2334/2005) even as another report of same day (‘6 lakh hawkers face evacuation for 2010 Commonwealth Games’, Asian Age) quotes NDMC PRO to the contrary (“If we decide to clean up an area of street hawkers, it must be done”, "This time, these hawkers will not be rehabilitated", etc) and the views, including perhaps the ludicrous statistic of 6 lakhs, of two persons of one NGO, Centre for Civil Society that, you might be aware, is associated with Manushi.

Although all quoted in the news item under reference are suited, if suited, not to ward vending committee but to Town Vending Committee, the item (like your Public Notice) makes no mention of that. Nor does it mention adoption of National Policy by DDA (on whose Authority and committees all ULBs are duly represented and which has submitted in an affidavit dated 27/05/05 a different policy approach) or by GNCTD (to which letters from MoUD/MoUEPA and CVC reference of 10/09/04, forwarded by it to ULBs, in this regard were addressed).

We perceive confusion about, if not misuse of, Policy and seek clarifications sought in our letter of 24/05/05 (encl.1) and of status of our application of 04/06/05 (encl.2), especially apropos Town Vending Committee, for representation on which we have applied and for which we read in the Policy a role in finalising ward vending committees. We also request copies of relevant documents (resolutions, minutes, public notices, etc) received / issued / adopted by MCD in this regard and suggest that the same be placed on its website.

Yours sincerely

Gita Dewan Verma, MPISG Planner

cc: wrt CVC confidential reference of 10/09/04 to GNCTD, with request for ATR as per GNCTD forwarding F.22/15/2001/UD/PF/10971 dt. 25/10/04, and, if National Policy has been adopted, also request for details and consideration of encl.2, insofar as it relates to Town Vending Committee, as application:

  • NDMC Chairperson
  • CEO, Cantonment Board

wrt encl.1, with request for clarification of GoI instructions to ULBs in Delhi apropos National Policy

  • Secretary MoUEPA
  • Addnl Secretary / Jt Secy (Delhi Division), MoUD)

wrt with request again for public debate with DMP2021 sub-group on Trade&Commerce

  • Commissioner (Planning), DDA

for information wrt CVC Reference of 10/09/04, etc

  • Secretary, CVC
  • Chief Secretary, GNCTD
  • Deputy Secretary, PMO
  • Commissioner, Delhi Police

for information wrt memoranda in response to public notices re DDA and SJSRY

  • Director, Lok Sabha Secretariat (Standing Committee for Urban Development)