• Prior engagements: <here1>

  • Public Notice2 (04.11.2004, published 19.11.2004) 
  • Suggestion3 (alternative text) (02/12/2004) 
  • Follow up wrt MCD proposals for villages / byelaw reform, GNCTD proposal for unauthorised colonies and UoI proposals for metro property development, DDA proposal for housing in industrial zone 
  • Notification (31/05/2005) 
  • Post-notification request4 (10/06/2005) 
  • DMP2021 Public notice response5 (06/07/2005)

  • 06/11/2004: Pioneer Thinkpad6 (Saturday Op-Ed)
  • 14/11/2004: Objection to GNCTD impropriety7 in publishing the notice before GoI, etc
  • 23/11/2004: Pushta residents8 response
  • 23/11/2004: Pushta cultivators9 response
  • 24/11/2004: Request for clarifications10 about metro property Public Notices in time to respond

02/12/2004: suggestion u/s s.11A for an alternative text for the proposed modification since GoI's proposal is wide open to techno-legal challenge11 ... Besides for lawful solution for industries, it is now imperative for sanctity of s.11A process and of solution-seeking nature of PIL that this Public Notice be processed responsibly, since it emanated from intervention at highest political levels that is now to be scrutinised by the Apex court and it would be contrary to national interest if a situation were to arise that suggests either conflict between constitutionally valid political and judicial interventions or incapability of planning law / professions to throw up tenable solutions for conflict resolution.

09/12/2004: addition to response in view of news reports of MCD proposal for villages12 with reference to points raised vide letter of 19/11/2003 to ask for urgent consideration and hearing of suggestion made u/s.11A and (to be able to refine it) map / details with reference to Master Plan Land Use Plan of location of industrial clusters, GNCTD development / closure and now also villages that MCD proposes to regulate (availability of which is mandatory for on-going Plan revision u/s.7 and access to which is required by s.11A)

  • 17/12/2004: request for urgent consideration / hearing of suggestion u/s.11A13 in view of news reports of 16/04/2004 about MCD and GNCTD statements / plans in disregard of Public Notice process 
  • 23/12/2004: Request for clarifications about GNCTD public notice for regularisation of unauthorised colonies14
  • 26/12/2004: Representation for "exemplary demolition" of IT Park on riverbed15 on grounds of disregard of, among other statutory/judicial processes, s.11A Public Notice for industries 
  • 27/12/2004: Request for clarifications about MCD byelaw reform proposals for villages16 in view of overlapping issues awaiting disposal in, among others, s.11A Public Notice for industries 
  • 18/03/2005: request for reply to response u/s.11A17 in view of news reports of further court proceedings / GNCTD claim that its surveys had found no area eligible for "regularisation" 
  • 27/03/2005: request for reply to response u/s.11A18 in view of further court proceedings in the matter of commercial misuse of industrial areas / obfuscating references in GNCTD budget speech and media quotes by "experts" 
  • 13/04/2005: Notice issued in writ petition against metro property development19, including on application for stay on IT Park 
  • 25/04/2005: Notification of land use change for regularisation of IT Park
  • 08/05/2005: objection to mumbai-model builder slum-housing proposal at Taikhand in Okhla industrial zone20 on grounds, among others, of misuse of DMP industrial land in disregard of orders and observations of the Supreme Court (also enclosed in letter of 09/05/200521 to Mr VP Singh, copied to area MP Mr Sajjan Kumar and UPA-Left CC members and party General Secretaries of CPI and CPI-M)

31/05/2005: Gazette Notification with minor changes (during DMP2021 Public Notice period)

10/06/2005: post-notification requests22 for reflection on legality and propriety of notification during DMP2021 Public Notice period and for clarifications for proof / type of consideration of detailed suggestion to help decide on how to respond to DMP2021 Public Notice, etc

  • 10/06/2005: BJP asks for industrial development board in Delhi
  • 13/06/2005: Authorities face bottleneck again (Delhi Governemnt)
  • web post23 about the post-notification dissatisfaction
  • 16/06/2005: DSIDC to open Indi-Park in Senegal
  • 18/06/2005: 8 years on, plant design called faulty, NEERI denies

04-06/07/2005: DMP2021 Public notice responses24

  • 18/07/2005: Industrial workers to get holiday home
  • 29/07/2005: 22 clusters to be turned into industrial areas
  • 01/08/2005: NEERI findings: Experts find serious flaws in 10 CETP plants’ working
  • 01/08/2005: Minister in the line of fire for relocation of industrial units
  • 01/08/2005: MCD byelaw-reform / USAID sponsored legislative amendments put on MCD website
  • 10/08/2005: Sheila Govt to regularise 19 industrial clusters
  • 12/08/2005: BJP bats for industries in residential areas
  • 13/08/2005: More industrial areas in city soon: CM
  • 14/08/2005: Notify industrial areas: DPCC chief
  • 14/08/2005: Delhi Govt. delaying industrial notification
  • 24/08/2005: L-G has queries on industrial estates
  • 31/08/2005: Public Notice for land use change for housing at Taikhand near Okhla Industrial area
  • 08/09/2005: L-G questions industrial estates regularisation
  • 10/09/2005: L-G puts regularisation of 23 industrial clusters on hold
  • 11/09/2005: LG agrees to 7 industrial areas

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