Status: last heard on 20.01.2005; summaries of submissions have to be filed and the matter is listed for final disposal on 14.03.2005
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  • Note of 10.02.20043: On 10.02.2004 in the Arjun Camp cases – after three affidavits failed to answer the challenge to the policy of slum improvements or resettlement in context of misuse of land set aside for EWS housing under Delhi Master Plan – High Court has ordered personal appearance of officers for directions. These cases, based on city planning law and not pursuit of some favour, call for urgent discussion in view of ongoing slum interventions in the city...
  • NCMP-DMP Minder (housing/heritage)4 Slums are backlog on DMP housing for the poor, driven to protected or derelict space. NCMP references to social housing and renewal are in line with trends seeking to "open up" in DMP2021 this space, besides DMP space meant for the poor. But NCMP promise of no evictions and interpretations by President (of the verdict in terms of restoration of rule of law) and PM (of NCMP goals in terms of equity and efficiency) did lend NCMP to DMP convergent perspective on housing and heritage... but trendy choice in favour of "regularising" inequities and inefficiencies has been made...
  • 1. MPISG Cases - Low Income Housing - Arjun Camp 5007-09/2002
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  • 3. Right Housing Rights: Arjun Camp 02-07 / 08 
    Citizens' groups from both slums and upper income flats in Vasant Kunj in Delhi are opposing a slum demolition, out of self-interest, within the ambit of the city's statutory Master Plan. This on-going chronicle underscores the robustness of existing planning provisions and the inevitability with which contemporary alternatives are driving the city towards sustaining rather than solving the slum problem.
  • 4. Housing and Heritage, NCMP-DMPR
    In October 2004 housing-rights NGOs have urged for NDA draft national slum policy and environmental NGOs for NDA draft national environment policy that these documents of dubious origin, designed to substitute conflict-resolving and problem-solving law, be adjusted to NCMP.