Response to Public Notice; Response to Public Notice of 04.11.04: Pushta cultivators

(Translated Text)

Sh S Mukerjee
Under Secretary, MoUD (Delhi Divison), Nirman Bhawan, N.Delhi-11

Sub: Public Notice regarding redevelopment of Industries published on 19 November 2004


With reference to the public notice issued by you pushta cultivators submit following objections and suggestions:

  1. On 18 September 2004 DDA had issued a public notice for the land use change for the IT park.
  2. Pushta cultivators had filed objections, hearing of which is still pending.
  3. This change of use was on the river bed which is predominantly agriculture. In the International Trade Fair, with theme of IT and agriculture, Delhi Pavilion had nothing on agriculture (except vegetables hanging from the ceiling). A model of the IT park was displayed, with the information that its first block will be complete in January 2005, even as hearing on the public notice is pending.
  4. We are mentioning this because in the advertisement of 17 November 2004 published by Delhi Government industries department, it is mentioned that IT park is for hi-tech industries.
  5. The notice issued by you on 19 November prohibits any industry on the river bed. IT park for Hi-tech industries therefore is prohibited.
  6. IT park is being constructing on planned land use of agriculture. Delhi and central government are talking of equal importance to agriculture and IT. Therefore we request that before the notice for redevelopment of industries, hearing for the IT park public notice be held.

Thanking you,

Harphool Singh, Bela Gaon