Objection to mumbai-model project (29/07/2005)

Dr A K Walia
Urban Development Minister, GNCTD

Sub: MCD proposal for slum relocation to Savda, Ghevra

Ref: Previous letters about land acquisition / slum policy announcements

Dear Sir,

The Hindustan Times has today (in last column on page-5) a small item, as follows:

Slum relocation

New Delhi: Delhi urban development minister A.K.Walia has asked DDA and the slum and JJ department to expedite their efforts in giving shape to the slum relocation programme.

The slum and JJ department has prepared a proposal to construct 21,000 dwellings in Savda, Ghevra with the assistance of private builders, while DDA has a similar plan at Tehkhand for 3,500 units. TNN

I am writing to request that instead of asking MCD to expedite this proposal you kindly restrain it from pursuing the same, in view of the following:

  • MCD’s proposal is illegal in terms of Delhi Master Plan (DMP-2001) and while the idea of slum housing by private builders that GNCTD has been advocating since 2002 has been incorporated in draft DMP-2021, the revised Plan has not been notified yet.
  • MCD’s proposal would also be illegal in terms of DMP-2021 if the scheme set out in the draft is notified since that, while incorporating GNCTD idea, precludes implementation in form of concentration of 21,000 EWS dwellings in fringe location like Savda, Ghevra.
  • MCD’s proposal is in contempt of Hon’ble High Court’s order of 29/11/02 (quashing illegal slum policy and leaving it to government to come out with a legal alternative) and of Hon’ble Supreme Court’s orders in SLPs filed against that order by GoI and GNCTD
  • Land acquisition for the project was also illegal in terms of DMP and in contempt of court orders and unmindful of objections filed in response to statutory Public Notices, representations about which were made to you in enclosed letters under reference

I seek, in context of the enclosed letters, details of disposal of my objections to the land acquisition and clarification about legal basis of MCD proposal and would also appreciate a copy of directions, if any, issued to MCD in view of the above.

The news item says that you have also asked DDA to expedite its proposal, even though GNCTD’s usual refrain is that it has no control over DDA. What you have asked is in conflict with what others have urged by due processes and on robust techno-legal grounds and I could send details, should they be of interest.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

Gita Dewan Verma, Planner

encl: (total 9p)

  1. Letter of 24/05/03 about Public Notice hearing, enclosing letter of same date to LAC (NW), with objections / letters of 10/03/03, 23/03/03, 30/03/03 and 08/05/03, 6p
  2. Letter of 08/09/03 requesting information of status, etc, 1p
  3. Letter of 29/09/03 wrt news report of GNCTD slum survey, 1p
  4. Copy of letter of 28/10/03 to Secretary MoUD (requests re Public Notice process, including for placing all responses in courts in related matters with reference to owners’ case against acquisition for slum resettlement vide same notices of 2003), 1p